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I will admit that for some time, I was considering MTV’s Battle of the Sexes and well, all of VH-1’s programming, my dirty obsession.

During my many summer weekends at the beach, the TV was permanently tuned to VH-1, filling my brain with the hottest in celebrity gossip and wildest reality moments. Oh, those red-carpet bests, worsts, firsts and lasts. And the King of VH-1’s weekend programming – Best Week Ever.

I consider it a weekly assignment of mine to catch this show at least once, as I am now employed as a “creative thinker” and need to be plugged into what’s hot, right now.

Best Week Ever still stands as an ultimate guilty pleasure, but two more shows — and hour-long dramas at that! — have been added. It is likely that my nightlife will now revolve around these shows. Don’t ask me out on Thursday before 9, or a Sunday before 10.

I’ll be watching The O.C. and Desperate Housewives, respectively.

The O.C. hit me hard. Natually, I initially rejected it. But when Season 1 was recently released on DVD, I decided to give it a shot. On trick-or-treat night, the Thursday before Halloween, I sat down to sample an episode or two of the teen drama.

Four episodes later – I was hooked. It was immediately addictive. I wanted it. I needed it. Later, approaching the season one ending, I even dreamt about it.

I also fell in love with Seth Cohen.

Am I too old for a “celebrity crush?” Maybe – but I think I’m going to let it run its course anyway.


Desperate Housewives was planned. I saw the advertisements and articles about this sure-to-hit drama-edy just after my bender with the short-lived but brilliant Aaron Sorkin creation, Sports Night, which also starred Felicity Huffman.

Housewives did not disappoint. This has completely rearranged my nightlife schedule. Usually I’d stop out for a few on Sunday night to see my bar industry friends, but no more. And missing even a moment? No way. Last night, on my way back from the beach, I stopped to watch the show at my mother’s house. Had I tried to make my way all the way to my apartment, I likely would have missd the first 5-10 minutes.

Yay for good television! These new programs complement my usual obsession with Law & Order (I saw one last night that I hadn’t seen before!) although, I can’t help but notice that Battle of the Sexes is new tonight …

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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