Fall into Autumn

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I’ve been a bad blogger, as of late, I know. I’d love to tell you it’s due to frantic globetrotting and jet-setting, but sadly, it’s the opposite. I just haven’t been up to much.

However, I have a self-imposed obligation to the blogosphere, so here is to fall:

Top 10 Most Anticipated Things of Fall 2006

  1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. My favorite television show of all time is likely Sports Night, and those of you familiar with that show or Aaron Sorkin’s other hit, West Wing, are probably salivating over this one as well.
  2. Speaking of television: The Office (the American version). I admit to welling up over NBC’s preview, though critics are concerned that sappy, lovelorn episode divvies too far from the show’s comedic roots. We’ll see. Speaking of love triangles, I’m also dying to see what happens when Grey’s Anatomy begins. Sept. 21 is going to be a big Thursday. Don’t call me that day.
  3. Clothes. I’ve been trying to refrain from massive shopping sprees, but I’m anxious to uncover my fall/winter wardrobe that’s been tucked away all summer. I’m tired of tank tops (although they’ll be under everything anyway) – I’m ready for layers and “outfits.”
  4. FOOTBALL. I need to get with Frank to sign the contract, but I’m in for another season of watching Steelers football at my dad’s Sundays at 1 p.m. Nice game last night, in fact. I’m pumped.
  5. More river walks. One of the best parts of living in the city is Riverfront Park. I plan to make a better habit of after-work walks, especially as leaves begin to change.
  6. School starts. Well, not school-school, but I’m heading back to dance class (ballet, jazz, tap) after a 10-year hiatus.
  7. Arts and culture return to stage. On Oct. 8, I’ll check out HSO perform Billy Joel’s Concerto – Masterworks; Theater Harrisburg kicks off its season with the soon-to-be-big screen Dreamgirls on Sept. 22
  8. You know there had to be a food mention … Now that the weather has cooled off, my father will start making his spaghetti sauce again. Goal for Fall 2006: talk him into making his homemade ravioli to go with it.
  9. In light of changing seasons, it’s time to switch Coach bags. This year dark green is back, so I’m reverting to my first born, a classic green leather backpack style for fall.
  10. Holidays … once it’s fall, we’ve got a boatload of holidays around the corner that don’t involve street fairs or barbeques or fireworks.
    (Sort of a relief after three nearly identical holidays in a row.)
    Thanksgiving is my personal favorite, but I think I’m booked for more
    than one Halloween party already this year.
Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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