The Rat Pack

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Some people say the jukebox at Garrason’s is the best in town. It’s based heavily in old school music, with the likes of Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, Patsy Cline, Ray Charles, Frank, Dean and more. The selection isn’t vast, but the songs are classic. If you spend any amount of time there, even in one night, it’s likely you’ll hear the same song played more than once – it’s just how it goes. For some, this serves as a point of irritation – but for me, I rarely get tired of hearing the classics, especially The Rat Pack.

I’ve often remarked to other friends – even those in my near-30 age group – that it’s such a shame that we can’t hear music like this anymore. I figure I’m a sucker for horns (see: my obsession with EWF), but if it were a possibility to visit a nightspot on Saturday night, dressed well, and listen to Sinatra croon to The Count Basie Orchestra – well, there are few things that could top that.

And so, when I was able to get tickets to The Rat Pack at Hershey Theatre, I jumped on it. The Patriot covered the show twice, so this won’t appear in my column. Read on for more.

Toward the end of David Dunkle’s review last Thursday, he mentions that this show is for the 40+ crowd, that anyone younger who grew up on hip hop or hair bands probably won’t get it. As I’m clearly old for my age, this wasn’t the case for me, and though I chose to take my father as my date (Mom and her beau had tickets for the next night), I can think of a handful of people my own age who would have loved to accompany me to this event to see Frank, Dean and Sammy.

On our way from Fenicci’s, I had a moment of panic – there would be a live band, right? I mean, there had to be – however, my last theater experience involved canned music, which really took away from the performance. Fortunately, as soon as we arrived at the theater, my dad noted the show poster boasted a 15 piece orchestra. Phew.

And what a band it was. They were incredible. Tight, lively, perfectly timed.

The show was set up to look as if it were a night “Live at The Sands,” the Las Vegas haunt for the group. The orchestra was set up on a platform on the stage, and the performers entered and exited via the side of the stage as well as an entry way below the orchestra.

The entire show as fantastic. Stephen Triffitt, the actor who played Sinatra, in particular, did an outstanding job. My father marveled at his Hoboken accent and speech affects. It was even more impressive to learn that Triffit – as well as Nigel Casey, who plays Dean Martin – is British.

The Burelli Sisters also entertained with their voices, costumes and dance moves.

Neither my father or I even stopped smiling from curtain up ’til curtain down.

The Rat Pack has left Hershey for good, for now – but if you are able to catch this show another time, don’t miss it.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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