Milk does a body good

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I’ve always been a big milk drinker. In fact, I’d rank it in my “top 3 beverages” along with wine and Diet Coke.

My fiance and I are two of the only people I know who love milk with every meal. If it was socially acceptable, we’d order it in some restaurants. We love it with pizza and spaghetti (I can hear you saying, “Ew, gross!”, but yes, really, it’s the best), and we’ve been known to chug it (secretly) right out of the jug.

So, I’m excited that the 2010 Milk Mustache Mobile “Milk the Moment” Tour is coming to the area this weekend, May 27-29.

You can find the Milkmobile:

While at any of these events, you can play a dinner-themed football toss, learn about the benefits of enjoying milk with meals, sample ice-cold milk from local dairies, talk to a dietitian about milk’s benefits, pose for a “celeb-inspired” Milk Mustache souvenir photo – AND – enter to win a trip for the “ultimate family dinner experience” with Tyler Florence.

Click through for some fun facts about milk’s healthful benefits.

Did you know:

  • Research supports the importance of parents’ role modeling a healthy diet for their kids; studies show that moms who drink milk are more likely to have daughters who drink milk.
  • Research also demonstrates that kids who eat family dinners have higher fruit, vegetable and calcium intakes than their peers.
  • Research shows that family dinners also are linked to better academic performance and mental health for kids.
  • That three out of four Americans aren’t getting the recommended daily dose of calcium.
  • Milk is the easiest way to get the 9 essential nutrients that you need every day.
  • Milk, at only 25 cents a glass, offers more nutrition for your dollar than any other beverage.
  • Leading health and nutrition organizations have recognized the valuable role that milk, including flavored milk, can play in meeting daily nutrient needs, and helping kids get the 3 daily servings of milk recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for
Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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