Packing Skills: A Rant

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Halfway through this vacation, I've noticed a slight problem. I didn't bring any sweatpants.

At home, I wear sweatpants nearly every day. I have a collection of VS Pink, Puma and Target capri sweats (either donated by or inspired by my sister who is "over Pink" right now) that I change into after work. A few even have coordinating sweatshirts. They also make for good Saturday errand-running outfits – cute, yet comfy.

However, apparently because I was going to spend one day with my sister while here, I amped up my wardrobe and packed all these clingy, stylish sleeveless tops and sundresses, like I'm really going anywhere.

My sister is la fashionista, and while I think I have style, it borders more on classic and conservative ("surfer prep?"), while she ooh la las with the latest trends and hemlines. So, when I'm around her, I do tend to make more of an effort so I don't look like her much older sister.

I can't say that I have good packing skills. I mean, I try – I really do. I don't have the attention span to make a real list, and instead I go with matching outfits in my head as I go along (sometimes this works, sometimes not). I'm not disorganized, but I have a very different method than my Type A friends, but utilizing their skills would require asking them, and I don't want to seem like a lost child, incapable of remembering to pack, oh, I don't know, YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS on your vacation.

As I explained a bit earlier, we kick it pretty low-key down here. While I did spend a few nights out for dinner and drinks with my girlfriend, now that she's gone, I'll be spending any evening time mostly sitting in the sand with a glass of wine, wishing I could write in the dark. You know what would be really comfortable? Capri sweatpants!

Oh, and how, after coming to the beach annually the better part of my 32 years, did I forget that IT GETS CHILLY AT NIGHT – BRING SOME PANTS! I also only brought one sweatshirt (a cute, totally surfer-esque one that I adore), despite the fact that I just BOUGHT A NEW ONE two days before I left.

Instead, apparently I thought I was changing my vacation locale to the Caribbean, or Hawaii or somewhere else, because I mostly brought shorts and tank tops.

Did I mention I also wasted space on three running outfits, complete with tanks, sweatsocks and sports bras? Who are we kidding? Granted, I do always end up wishing I had some workout gear, but I think I could have balanced some track shorts for some sweat pants.

All of this said, I remembered my toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, lotion, SPF, towels, pajamas (an easy one to overlook), plenty of undies, reading material galore and jewlery.

The usual anxiety set in as I readied to leave the house pre-vacation as well as on my drive. I went through my mental checklist, finally settling on, "whatever I forgot, I can borrow from Keri or buy it." Let me tell you, I don't need any more freaking capri sweatpants.

Oh, and the jeans I brought? The one, single, solitary pair? They're the super cute slashed kind with a bunch of strategically placed holes – ones that when you sit on the beach in them, just end up giving sand full access to your lower half.

Next year, someone else is making a list.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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