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100 Things Before I Die

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image from I’m working on my updated Life List (read my goals from 10 years ago here), and I remembered that I had begun some kind of lengthy “to do” list in one of my Steno notebooks a few years ago. Well, after searching my entire office, I finally found it right by my journals in my bedroom – go Sara.

I believe this list was inspired by the 100 Things To Do Before You Go memes. In fact, I’m pretty sure I got this from Mighty Girl, who is clearly much more creative and adventurous than I am.

Anyway, I only made it to #38 – and there’s actually a few I could cross off by now – but let’s take a look:

  1. Visit Bali (Thanks, Eat, Pray Love)
  2. Drive across the country, stopping in small towns along the way (some dreams never die)
  3. Caribbean Island – check!
  4. Alaskan cruise (saving this for when I’m retired)
  5. Mediterranean
  6. Paris and Italy (figure I can knock both out in one trip)
  7. California wine country
  8. Vegas – but just once (Eh)
  9. Casablanca, Morocco
  10. Publish a piece of fiction
  11. Learn basic Italian
  12. Teach dance lessons
  13. Dance weekly
  14. Master mat pilates (so don’t care about this one anymore – sort of struck me as strange to see it)
  15. Live somewhere else (state, country)
  16. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  17. Write a book
  18. And another one
  19. Buy my own, quality furniture
  20. Own my own home – check!
  21. Do yoga daily (really? Often, sure, I don’t need it daily)
  22. Get over myself and start my own family
  23. Volunteer for animals
  24. Plan a surprise party for someone I love – and actually surprise him/her
  25. Remember how good it feels to make someone’s day – and try every day to make some one’s
  26. Start my own business – magazine, newspaper, catering, dance school (these were suggested as possibilities)
  27. Attempt painting – the art kind, not the wall kind
  28. Re-fall in love with photography – dust off that Canon Rebel G (it takes film, ya’ll)
  29. Use and grow my “art box” monthly (box of art supplies – not sure I still own this – oops)
  30. Get and really try to stay out of debt (I’m including cars and student loans, like zero debt)
  31. Work harder. Make more personal sacrifices. I’m serious. (I seriously wrote this.)
  32. Try out for a morning radio gig.
  33. Make it.
  34. Write another book. I have stories to tell!
  35. Hire a cleaning lady (Bravo, Sara, really)
  36. Make a list of things I’ve done.
  37. Grown an herb garden – check!
  38. [This was left suspiciously blank.]
Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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