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Hangover Cures

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Hangovers are an oft-written about topic. Unless you are a teetotaller, everyone gets one once in a while, and like other medical mysteries (hiccups!), no one has a full-proof cure.

image from cache.gawkerassets.comIn 2004, I examined Chaser (Squelch the moaning after with these hangover cures). In 2005, I shared readers’ selections (and a sweet Bloody Mary/Hair of the Dog recipe) (Have a hangover ? Try these cures). 2006 brought recklessness in the area, so I wrote about responsible drinking – Please read this: Drink responsibly — learn your limits.

In my advanced age, I’ve found that hangover recovery is different than it once was. Also, since I quit smoking, I’ve been unable to blame my hangovers (sinus inflammation from red wine tannins, I reckon) on cigarette smoke. These days, sleep is oh so precious, often because over-imbibing coincides with staying up past my bedtime. Past that, Alka Seltzer, loads of water, fresh fruit and a couple ibuprofen really can’t be beat.

I’ve read about recent studies laying claim to asparagus (I’d try it!) helping your body metabolize  alcohol, thus speeding your recovery; eggs (perfect, right?) helping out; tomato juice (I’ve used this one). I’ve also read (and mean to try) eating burned toast the night before – something about that carbon from the burned bread that will help assist your body in clean-up. This article says coffee and aspirin are tops.

While I do lean more towards the natural (water, vitamins, fruit, veggies), I’m going to give another “quick fix” a try – possibly on New Year’s Eve – bytox, which alleges to take away any hangover symptoms by charging you with vitamins and other goodies while you sleep, so long as you wear the small patch for 8 hours after drinking. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are your hangover cures?

I asked Kelly to poll her friends, most of whom are still in the 20-something set and much more creative. Take a look, and share your own hangover cures in the comments!

  • Eat some carbs when you get home from the bar, such as cereal or pizza. The next morning, get up and sweat it out! There’s nothing like a long run to get rid of the toxins. Or, at least, to make you never want to drink again.” – Kelly
  • “Honestly, if I get up like a normal day, eat, shower, shit and shave all is well. Or if I stop myself early in the night drink a water or two, I should be OK. But if I lay in my bed and let my hunger defeat me, I’m in my bed all day or you can find me laying on the cold tile by the toilet.”- Cass
  • The honest-to-God best move is to try to sleep through the hangover, which is tough to do because for some reason, whenever you spend all night drinking, your body wants to wake the hell up at 7 a.m.  If you can muster the strength and power yourself back to sleep, and wake up some time after 1 p.m., you’re good. Obviously, this isn’t usually possible. My favorite ‘cure’ is a swimming pool and more drinking. I can usually choke down a few jello shots to get the engine running again, as long as i’m in a swimming pool. As far as a cure for when you have to get up and go to work? It doesn’t exist. You’re screwed.” – Eric
  • “Eat a good meal before going out. Eat a piece of butter bread before bed (this beats eating a whole pizza and packing on the pounds). If I still feel like crap the next day I eat more carbs, drink chocolate milk and take four Advil. This is followed by a nap. But I typically don’t get hangovers. It’s a God-given talent.” – Lindsey
  • My go-to hangover cure is to pop some aspirin and chug at least one glass of water prior to going to bed the night of said drinking binge. Oh and as always, eat something before going to bed to soak up the alcohol. The following day, make sure to have Gatorade on hand to chug immediately when you wake up. Greasy food is always a good option the next day, in my opinion. If all these things fail, crack open another beer in the a.m., hair of  the dog. This is a last resort option, as it is very hard to get down a beer a night after drinking, but it does work.” – Anonymous.
  • “If I know I’m going to drink a lot, I try to eat a very normal dinner with carbs, such as pizza or pasta, and drink lots of water. Then I’ll usually mix my first few drinks with something that has caffeine, such as Red Bull or Diet Coke. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine, so I feel like these choices make for a longer night without me being tired. Drink the mixed drinks until you feel something, and then switch to beer or else you will start forgetting things. Drink beer calmly if you want to make the night last. If you’re mixing shots with beer, it may be a good idea to take your beer to the bathroom and secretly dump it out and refill it with tap water. That way you look cool, but you are secretly drinking water and making the fun last.  Continue drinking and do fun things then go to bed. As for the next day, if your stomach is upset, drink ginger ale and lay down and take a nap. If your head is upset, take advil and drink Diet Coke. Maybe even some coffee, if it’s really bad. It’s probably a good idea to eat breakfast too, something like leftover pizza or go to a diner and eat an omelet with potatoes and toast. Mmmm! If you’re feeling sick while eating, take your time, chew a lot and drink lots of water. Always bring plastic bags in the car if you have to travel post-drinking. You should feel better by early afternoon at the latest.” – Liz
Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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