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IMG_5508-bw-crop If I had just one small wedding do-over wish, it would be to have started my dress search at Taylored for You. Owner Taylor grew up and operates her shop in Mechanicsburg. Her mom helps out, along with a small staff of pleasant women who lacked the snobby 'tude found in some bridal shops.

The search for my wedding dress is a long, exhaustive tale. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I had organized a day with my in-town bridesmaids to check out some bridesmaid dresses we'd spied online. Our first stop was a shop in E-town, where the first dress tried on ended up being our selection. However, the day did not end so easily. It was here where my girlfriends suggested I try on some wedding gowns, even though the day wasn't meant to be about me.

I tried really hard to be cheap about my dress. I couldn't imagine spending as much as they do on Say Yes to the Dress (with which I was obsessed at the time), but I had a lot of trouble getting into the experience at David's Bridal. By this time in the process, I'd also tried on dresses at Gowns by Design (out of my price range) and Tara's (just didn't find anything for me).

Note: I'm also a pain in the ass and didn't want strapless, which 99.9% of wedding dresses are, and I didn't want a lot of beading or anything, but of course I didn't want it to be boring. Yes, my decision-making skills annoy even me.

At first I told the dress shop owner that her price point was too high for me, and she said she was having a sale and pulled out the dresses allegedly in my range.

We grabbed a selection of them and set to trying them on. At this point, I'd already tried on pile of dresses, and so far nothing had truly wowed me (nothing I could afford, anyway). And then I tried on this fun dress with a cool fat belt four sizes too big for me. Jamie had to stand behind me and pull the extra fabric back so we could see what it looked like. But it was so fun! And it made me smile. It was the first time I uttered, "I love this dress!"


We left with style numbers and continued on our day, which included a look at a bridesmaid dress at a Hershey dress shop and a decadent brunch at Devon (we know how to do it).

After stuffing ourselves with mimosas and lobster mac 'n cheese, we went to David's so the girls could see a few of the dresses I was trying to talk myself into. There was one dress in particular that my mom and one of the girls LOVED. And now, many months later, I look at the photo and do like it again. But I just wasn't feeling it. It felt too serious, too sophisticated for the "party" wedding we wanted to have. I was just going to get it. The price was right. It was right there. But I wasn't happy or excited about it. And man, does that lighting blow in David's Bridal. I bet they could up their sales just by ditching the fluorescent bulbs and dirty carpeting.

IMG_3236I hadn't realized that I did care about the dress buying "experience." I wasn't a girl who grew up dreaming of my big day and all that goes into that, but I realized I did have some expectations. I was slightly disappointed to learn that you weren't greeted with flutes of champagne when you entered a bridal salon, as I had learned from movies and TV shows.

Anyway, seeing that I was not really digging this David's experience, my friends took over. Beth knew about this little shop that was just down the street from her house and called to see if they had the dress I had so enjoyed that morning. Guess what? They did.

So, we piled in and drove back to the west shore. Beth had driven separately and was practically racing down I-83 so fast that eventually I lost her. We showed up at Taylored for You and got out of the car. Rachel asked, "Should we wait for Beth?"

"Nah," I told her. "Beth will get here when she gets here."

Rachel and Jamie seemed tentative to proceed, but we entered the shop anyway, where Taylor was flying around with customers who actually made an appointment, not called at 4 p.m. for a specific dress and oh yeah, we're coming now.

Not a flattering photo, but I'm happy. Taylor had already pulled the dress, and I went upstairs to a small dressing room to try it on. As I did, Beth arrived, champagne in tow! Here she had run home to grab a bottle and called to okay it with Taylor so I could have my dream dress experience.

And, I said yes to the dress (for less $ than at first shop)!

Taylor also had my bridesmaids dresses (again, for a lower price that shop #1) and was super patient when I ordered my dress a size too big, came in to try it on ten-hundred times, worried that I didn't love it anymore, was super picky about making the pleats of the dress lay flat, and practically made her tailor it as tight as a corset. Basically, she and her entire team were awesome. And so was mine.

So, if I had my druthers, I would have started and ended at Taylored for You. I would have loved to see what dresses they would have pulled for me. Her team is honest yet supportive and never tried to pressure me.

Taylored for You is located at 516 East Main Street in Mechanicsburg. You also can find Taylored for You on Facebook.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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