A new look: Patio Redesign

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Andy and I bought our home nearly three years ago, and because the house had been a rental property for many years prior, when the property owner passed away and the son inherited it, he simply bathed it in thick, white paint (splattering everywhere – screens, floors, doors – and sealing some windows shut) and called it a day.

The house hadn’t been updated in years. We don’t have central air. Many of the homes in our neighborhood have additions in some form, but not ours. Our bathroom is still original 1957 pink and grey tile. Our garage door is manual. So, you can see we have quite a bit on our “honey do” list. The first of which was our kitchen, which you can see here.

We’re still working on painting some of our rooms (we like to work really, really slowly), but we decided at the end of last summer to revamp the blah patio slab we have off the back of our house and make it a more pleasant place to drink red wine (me) and smoke cigars (him).

image from sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net

The back of our house around our move-in date in 2009.

The patio was rather, well, ghetto. It was made up of broken, crumbling concrete pieces, plus this crappy brick-lined stair frame (You can see in the photo below where they are removing this part.). We had briefly considered stamped concrete but were scared away quickly by price, so we had planned to eventually haul Andy’s brothers and father down some weekend to re-concrete it for some uniformity, then maybe slap some concrete paint on it.


Instead, we heard from Andy’s good friend from college, Brad Yoder, who had begun his own company, Tri-State Waterstoppers, and implored us to try his product. Our mismatched concrete pad was the perfect canvas for Decorflex, a waterproof and decorative concrete coating system. We could have the customized look of stamped concrete for a third of the price.

Click through for details and photos of our back patio transformation.

To start theh process, our concrete was first washed and restored with a flexible cementitious waterpproofing product, Aquafin.

This stuff is typically used around swimming pools because of its flexibility; its ability to withstand pedestrian and light traffic, resist mechanical wear, abrasion and de-icing; it’s solvent-free (environmentally friendly);  UV resistant; and available in multiple colors or to be painted. Other places you’ll find it are at marine and zoo aquarium tanks, plaza decks and patios, underneath flexible tile mortars in kitchens or bathrooms, water and waste water treatment tanks and for foundations.

Seems like overkill for our little backyard slab — but it wasn’t. Our first floor sits slightly below ground in the backyard (you’ll notice this if you look at the placement of our windows in these photos). Through this process, we discovered where water had been seeping into our downstairs bathroom from beneath the cracked concrete. Fortunately, with this application, it’s now sealed and no longer an issue.

Then, there’s the fun stuff. The top coating, Decorflex, can be customized to basically whatever your heart desires – any color, design, etc. By using troweling or spraying and stencils and engraving techniques, your patio or other surface can mimic traditional wall and floor coverings or have its own unique pattern.

Let’s take a look at the process:

We had our annual cookout within hours of the patio being finished! By the way, Tri-State Waterstoppers is the only company in Pennsylvania using this product.

To learn more about Decorflex and how you can apply it to your home, contact Tri-State Waterstoppers,
New Stanton, Pa. at (724) 493-0202 or (724) 880-9698. Or email: info@tristatewaterstoppers.com.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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