Road Trip to Slower Lower Delaware

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I spent a summer in college living in Dewey and Rehoboth beaches. It still goes down as one of the best summers of my life. My family has spent a portion of every summer in some part of Slower Lower Delaware, usually in North Bethany Beach. In short, I love it here. Although there’s little going on during the off-season, I simply enjoy being by the sea, and I realized yesterday that I would love being a local and doing for the beach community what I do in Harrisburg.


Fear not, I’m not moving any time soon – we’re securely invested in Pennsylvania and the capital region. But, my point is, though a trip to Delaware in February could seem pointless to some (we even got snow yesterday), it’s still a fabulous retreat and frankly, I could do this all the time.

Read on for photos and trip details. We drove down Friday night, grabbed beer and liquor at Lighthouse Liquors, then celebrated the start of our vacation with a nightcap.


Saturday morning, we slowly got ourselves together enough to hit breakfast at Jimmy’s Kitchen. This place was bumpin’ on this lazy weekend morning. We overheard the young servers comment, “Everyone’s on Twitter saying, ‘check out the specials board at Jimmy’s,'” which was a testament to this little diner’s popularity.

The specials board featured S.O.S. and some stuffed French toast, but we went with simpler breakfast fare. My girls got omelettes, and I went with my usual, two eggs over easy, sausage, hash browns. We perked up with coffee, and though we smelled a bit like a fryer when we left, this was a stellar breakfast.

A main point on my agenda was a trip to Dogfish Head. We skipped the brewery tour in Milton and just settled in at the Rehoboth brewpub. I admit I wasn’t expecting to see a packed house and hour-long wait in mid-February! Fortunately, since our plan was mostly just to sample, we were tipped to head upstairs to the high top tables. They told us we wouldn’t have service there, but Ashley offered to wait on us and did a terrific job.


We each got a customized beer sampler. My girlfriends aren’t as into craft beer and definitely aren’t hopheads like me, but they were able to find beers they enjoyed.

As for me, I chose the Audible, 75 Min on cask, Namaste (which had just been put back on the draft list), Midas Touch and Noble Rot. Unfortunately, the new sixty-one had just kicked the day before, so I couldn’t give that a try, though I was told it’s set to be part of their year-round line – plus, it’ll be available in bottles next month.


We all enjoyed the Namaste, which was easy to drink, a good Blue Moon substitute for newbs used to light beer. We also all liked the Noble Rot. I didn’t care for the Midas Touch (sorry!), but obviously the 75 min – a blend of the 60 and 90 Min blended with maple syrup and served at 55 degrees – is my new boyfriend. The Audible also gets high marks.


Beers naturally led to snacks, and we scarfed down some fried pickles that came with 60 Minute IPA truffle mustard (to. die. for.) and The Fifth Column pizza between the three of us. We contemplated a full drink but passed knowing we had much more of our day ahead of us.


Our next goal was shopping, and though we hit a couple boutiques, we were disappointed to find our favorites were closed for the season. We made a pit-stop at Candy Kitchen for dark chocolate peanut butter sticks, and for the first time in my life, I got a red star on my receipt! If you’re not familiar with the Candy Kitchen chain, on every receipt roll they have two red stars – the lucky recipients to land a red star on their receipts score a free pound of fudge.

As a lifetime customer, I was pretty geeked by this, and I was able to split my winnings into four of the basic flavors  (sorry, Dad, Heavenly Hash is considered premium): chocolate, peanut butter truffle, butter pecan and chocolate peanut butter. After that, we hit Sunglass Hut, where we all treated ourselves to birthday shades (all of our birthday are within the next 6 weeks).

From there, the bug had bitten and by the time I took them back up to South Moon Under, our wallets got a little more work. We each scored a pair of Toms on sale, plus I had to buy a striped t-shirt, of course.



All of that shopping worked up our appetites, so we headed to The Cultured Pearl for dinner. Jamie and I discovered The Cultured Pearl last summer, and we joke that you have to sell your first child or use your mortgage down payment to afford it, but it is so worth it. Our third – my good friend, Val – was a sushi newbie, but she came in with an open mind and vegetarian tastes. She scored big with a Delaware roll and a Maryland roll (which had lump crab and veggies). We also enjoyed Kappa-Tinis, a simple and refreshing combo of cucumber infused vodka, cucumber liqueur and fresh lime.


After dinner, we made the mistake(?) of shopping downstairs, where two of the three of us took home clearance sale bathing suits. Oops. On our way home, we stopped at Harris Teeter for supplies, then basically everyone crashed.

We spent most of Sunday taking photos of a snowy (and then less snowy) shoreline, celebrating a house sale, eating Ponzetti’s pizza and napping before heading to Catch 54 for dinner. I’ll have those photos, along with some others from our trip later tonight on Facebook.


Until next time, ocean! XOXO!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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