{Creators} Jeremy Bentley & Jeff Burkholder: The Ouro Bros.

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WHO: Jeremy Bentley, a graphic designer from Lancaster, and Jeff Burkholder, a computer teacher from Lititz, created The Ouro Bros and the Neverending Tour, the story of two brothers who leave home with only their musical instruments and a van to embark on a lifelong tour. three years ago.


While working to find balance between their work, familial and comic strip-based lives, Jeff & Jeremy have succeeded in getting their comic into printed form. A limited run of On the Road, Off the Record should be out later this summer.

WHAT: A Kickstarter project to fun a limited first run of a printed volume collection of the first three years of their online comic strips from ourobros.com.


The duo already invested time the first half of this year coming up with a layout and design for that book; they just needed the funds to print it. In an amazing show of reader support, that goal was met within the first four hours of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign launched at 6 a.m. yesterday (June 3).

Now that the initial goal has been met, Bentley and Burkholder hope to continue to attract contributors. The more funding they receive, the better the books they will be able to create for all who pledge. Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here.


 5 Questions with Bently & Burkholder, creators of The Ouro Bros. 

Who are you?

We are Jeremy Bentley (artist) and Jeff Burkholder (writer) of the webcomic, The Ouro Bros and the Neverending Tour. We’re both creative family men from the greater Lancaster area who are having an excellent time discovering these characters.

Why should we know you?

Jeff: In addition to writing for The Ouro Bros, I also write and draw two other weekly strips: Zoidland and The Social Life of Frank & Linh, and created the collaborative flash fiction blog Gloaming Gap. When  not creating, I’m either teaching computers at Consolidated School of Business in Lancaster, running tech for Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians in Lititz, or – on rare occasions – playing keys with The Roadies.

Jeremy: In addition to doing the art for The Ouro Bros, I am a full-time corrugated paper packaging and display designer at PCA Lancaster. I’ve also been involved in many facets of music over the years, playing drums and recording rock albums.

What inspires you to create?

Jeff: My main inspirations have been through observing people around me. I’m, by nature, a quiet, problem-solving introvert, but I’m forced in my daily work to function in an extroverted fashion. So, to get me through it, I’m constantly studying what people do, what they say and how they react to situations, and I use those observations to inspire my characters.

Jeremy: So many things inspire me, but probably most of my inspiration comes from media. Comics, music, movies, games and literature all consistently feed my brain, and I always crave new input. In comic art specifically, I am currently most inspired by the work of Gabriel Rodriguez, who collaborates with author Joe Hill on a series called Locke and Key.

What’s your favorite thing about Lancaster / greater central Pennsylvania?

Jeff: With the exception of this area’s fixation on sauerkraut and scrapple, it’s probably the food. Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie, Lebanon bologna, pretzels, pumpkin whoopie pies … yum.

Jeremy: I love that it is the perfect balance between metropolitan and rural. Not as crowded as a big city, but still with so many outlets for great culture.

Why Kickstarter?

We really had a dream to get our strip into a printed form, but sorely lacked the funds to do it properly. Kickstarter not only helps us achieve that, but also – with the 30-day campaign timeframe – it lit a bit of a fire under us in order to really pull the material together in a proper form. Additionally, it’s given us a chance to really connect, one-on-one, with our fan base and share that dream with them.

You can learn more about Bentley and Burkholder and their Kickstarter project for The Ouro Bros here.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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