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The following is a guest post from a local blogger kind enough to chat you up while Sara is navigating the largest passenger vessel on the globe. 

Well hello there, SB readers. I’m Jess from Stylish, Stealthy & Healthy, where I talk about food, wine, my dog, beauty products and shopping. Although not in that order.


Thanks for letting me crash your computer screens for the day!  When Sara asked me to help a sister out during her little jaunt to far off majestic waters, I was a little stumped on the theme of “favorite places.”  The first place that popped into my head was “my couch” but that doesn’t really help anyone, does it?  It’s not that I don’t have places I enjoy, it’s quite the opposite.  I love Central PA and many of the splendid offerings it provides.  Great restaurants, beautiful hiking trails, I could go on.

But the one thing I love most shall always remain, and that is my love for shopping.  You don’t need to travel to Philly or New York to get your fix, there are plenty of places nearby that got what I need. Obviously I need to trim the fat here, because who has time to read about all the places I shop?  Also, like I’m giving up that kind of information to one of you that may be able to inform my husband where all the bags I hide from him come from.

So without further ado, I present:

Jess’ Top Three Favorite Places to Shop in Central PA.

For food:  It’s no secret that my heart longs for the day we are graced with a Trader Joe’s, but until that day comes, I cannot deny my deep love for Wegmans.

I’m not sure if it’s their Mediterranean bar, or the teeny tiny train that buzzes by while picking out my Greek yogurt for the week, but each time I walk through their doors, my heart swells.  They’ve got an amazing selection of fresh and local produce, and their organic section is what hippie dreams are made of.  I try not to do my full grocery haul there because it gets pricey, but I’ve got my staples that never fail me.  If you haven’t checked out their spread for lunch, drop everything you’re doing and go there immediately.  Plus they have that little cafeteria there which makes me feel like I’m in high school again, only less painful.

Must buys:  homemade pesto, “skinny” sushi rolls (under 200 calories per package!), organic bulk grains and pre-chopped mirepoix (aka what you start most soups with)

wegmans pic

For gifts/specialty items: It’s a fact that I came into this world a T.J. Maxx fan.  Blame it on my DNA (notice I didn’t make an awful “jeans/genes” pun here — you’re welcome) or blame it on fate, but the Maxx is one of my great loves.  I don’t care if you need a dress, shoes, throw pillows or a random container that you think is meant to keep your tomatoes longer, but instead you put it on your baker’s rack in your kitchen because it’s adorable. You need it, they’ve got it.  Just make sure you’ve got enough time to really browse, especially in the clearance area.  Some of the best items I’ve found there were after I’d thought I’d seen it all.

Must buy/browse: Yankee/WoodWick candles, clearance home decor, handbags and linens

TJ Maxx pic

For everything: I’m not sure how familiar you are with SNL these days, but I’m pretty sure I’m the actual Target lady. No really. It’s a sickness, and one that cannot be cured. Target owns me.  Makeup, clothes, groceries, home-stuff, random electronics, my soul … it has all of these things. No really, I even make videos about it.

At the change of the season, it’s the first place I go. God help you if you find your way to the clearance shelf in the beauty products, because let me tell you. If you didn’t think you needed a bottle of maybe-openend vitamins and 14 new lip glosses, you were sorely mistaken, my friends. Target knows. It just knows.

Must buy/browse: Any and all beauty products, clearance clothing at the end of each season, Archer Farm’s parmesan garlic kettle chips, handbags

target pic

So that’s it.  The three* places my money goes to disappear.  Are there any gems I’m missing?  Favorites you’d like to share? Don’t hold back, let’s all go in debt together, shall we?

*HONORABLE MENTION: The Pa. Fine Wine & Good Spirits store.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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