New Year’s Resolutions

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Longtime readers know I’m a big fan of resolutions. I can’t help but be inspired by the idea of hitting “refresh” on a new year. Too bad no one comes in to clean my house for me in the interim.

DIY-bloody maryThis year’s resolutions were a bit trickier, as I have a separate set of goals for my small business (now one year in!).

For kicks, here’s what I’ve resolved in the past:

And without further adieu, my 2014 New Year’s resolutions are:

1. Continue to declutter and minimize. I like stuff, so sue me. I’m sentimental, too, and sometimes I’m glad to rediscover things I’ve kept over the years. However, I know the risks (like a stack of frames without photos, gifts without a place), so it’s important to use what I have and discard, sell or recycle what I don’t. This goes for linens, closets, food and of course my office.

2. Try a Whole30. I read the parameters before writing this, and it’s a bit scary (to me). No beer, wine or other alcohol will be a challenge for what I do for a living, but I can deal. I’m not afraid of black coffee. But I am afraid of not eating popcorn for a month. And I just noticed nearly all my coveted Torchbearer Sauces have sugar in them, dammit. I’m contemplating this challenge for February, but we’ll see. If not Whole30, then a version of it. Taking suggestions!

3. Run. I have a bunch of running gear. I have good running shoes I was fit for (that have hardly any miles on them), running leggings, I have a SPIbelt, ipod arm band, multiple apps to track my every step, plenty of layers, including a sweet new jacket I got for Christmas. I haven’t run since – oh, July. I lost my mojo. Need to find it. Especially for the upcoming 2nd annual Jersey Mike Memorial Rock + Run 5K on April 12. P.S. – Mark your calendars, folks.

4. Photography. Holy shit how many times does this need to be on my resolutions list? I was so into photography in high school that my graduation gift was a Canon Rebel G (still have it), and last year I purchased a digital SLR from a friend so that I could take better pictures for my blog, which I did. However, I used the goddamned thing on “auto” almost exclusively. I need a class to re-learn, or just get out my old photo notebooks from high school, which yes, I still have because of #1.

5. Life list. Hmm, do I still care about this?

6. Optimize my work schedule. This is more business than personal, but they intertwine. I want to work more in advance, make time for my workouts, and get out into the city more. I love working from home with my dog (and the flexibility to stay put when winter weather looms), but I need to get out and see all of your faces more.

7. Exercise my dog more. He is a champion sleeper, no doubt, but he is happiest when he gets out for a daily tour. Again, because of #6 we tend to work exclusively from my office and not leave. It’s dumb. I’d love for him to help me with #2, but he’s not so awesome on a leash. Maybe in time if we work on it.

8. Start a new hobby. I need something that gets me off of this computer. My husband is desperate to be a Moonshiner, but I’d like to start with something easier like making my own wine or brewing my own beer. Or maybe get back into non-computerized game like Scrabble or cards.

9. Write more. I churn a pretty extensive amount of original content each week, but that often leads to skipping out on more personal posts, particularly vacation or getaway posts that I think readers would enjoy. I’m still kicking myself for not writing about trips to Chicago, Luray, Va., and more. I want to make a point to better document my own travels and experiences.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Feel free to share in the comments.

Meanwhile, here’s how I did last year:

  1. Return to running. Fail.
  2. Try new fitness. Success. Read here & here.
  3. Try a diet or cleanse. Didn’t even try. Maybe this year.
  4. Buy b&w film, dust off my Canon Rebel G and re-teach myself some photography. Back on the list, though I did take more photos. 
  5. Try Little Amps. Oh, yes. Check!
  6. Make more time for friends. I certainly wasn’t as harried as the year prior, but it turns out my friends are just as busy, too. I also started a book club, which brings some friends (new and old) together once a month. 
  7. Learn more favorite family recipes. On the top of the list: Dad’s sauce and Mom’s cheesecake. While I’m at it,blog more recipes, including my venison specialties for my husband’s blog, Team Surra OutdoorsI still don’t have the secrets to Mom’s cheesecake or Dad’s sauce (but I better in 2014), but I did try to do a few more Sara’s Kitchen posts, and those will continue. 
  8. Build a successful business. Working on it! 
  9. Write life list. Still hanging out there. 
Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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