GIFT GUIDE: For dudes

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Did you ever feel like you get your dad, boyfriend or husband the same thing every year for Christmas?

Guys always seem easy to shop for because you can just grab a shirt or tie and cross his name off of the list.

And while there are plenty cool takes on the tee and tie, I’ve offered some suggestions to help you put a little variety in your holiday shopping.


Sprezza Box– $28 a month

As Cousin Eddie would say, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Sprezza Boxes are subscription boxes that come with about 3-4 lifestyle pieces, which always includes at minimum a stylish neck-tie and a pair of socks. Other items vary like a belt or maybe something quirky like a cord taco. Then it always features some sort of manly cosmetic item like shaving cream or lotion designed for men. The subscription can be canceled at any time. This could be a great gift for the young professional in your life who is just starting a new career.

Baskets for men- Prices vary

Sure you could always send one of this or one of that, but why not personalize it for you man this year? Put together a basket and throw in some cigars such as these Acids, or Arturo Fuente, both good quality for a reasonable price (both can be found at any cigar shop in the area). A nice six pack of craft beer or a good scotch like Glenlivet 12, sometimes you can even find these in a gift pack with glasses. Maybe if he has a favorite sports team you can put a small gift like gloves or a hat for the winter. If the guy is not a sports fan a guy can always use a nice pair of leather gloves.

Local Mug Club Membership- $40-65

It’s simple and thoughtful. Being apart of a mug club can be a great experience and can be a special gift that any guy will appreciate. There are two premier mug clubs in the area Lancaster Brewing Company and Appalachian Brewing Company. Each have reward programs and their own perks such as your mug and discounts on merchandise.

True Clean Towel– $20

This is the perfect gag gift for a guy — but as he’s laughing he’ll be thinking, “Wow this is pretty awesome.” It’s a towel that labels what part to use to dry you off. Any guy would love another towel because it would mean it would delay him from doing laundry for another week too.

Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System– $60-$70

Many guys might be asking for the new XBOX One or Playstation 4 this year, but with this console you can give back a childhood. This console will let him play all his old video games from SEGA, Nintendo and Nintendo 64. The games can always be bought online. Or, if you don’t know what he wants check out 2nd and Charles, the new store at the Harrisburg Mall, which has a lot of older games. A gift card with the console could always make for the perfect bundle.

What gifts are you getting the guy in your life this holiday season?

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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