GUIDE: Post-Party Beauty Essentials

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Hello there, holiday season. You’re bright, shiny and filled with good cheer, yummy food and delicious drinks.

Travel and cold temperatures — not to mention those fun parties — can leave your body and skin dry and parched. So whether you’re scheduled for air travel or just have your social calendar booked, you’ll want to find ways to stay hydrated throughout the season.


I cannot emphasize this enough: Drink water. Ideally, cold, filtered water from a pitcher you keep in your fridge. I also like to keep a stainless steel thermos of water in my car. Shopping makes me thirsty, too (it’s the dry air of the malls, but I like to say “shopping is my cardio”), so I always plan around that as well.

For air travel:

You can get a small 3 oz atomizer of Evian water. I know this seems a little silly and maybe extravagant, but let me tell you, a spritz on your face after your flight can be luxuriously refreshing. It sprays a fine mist and won’t disrupt your makeup and can in fact refresh it.

A moisturizer lip balm — with just a hint of color — also will perk up your look as you leave the airport. I like Maybelline’s Baby Lips line because they go on soft and aren’t the least bit goopy. I have a hard time finding good colors for my light olive skin tone, so I love the “Quenched” non-color.



Oh hey there, next morning. Hangover or not (try these or some Blowfish, also available at CVS stores) — your body is probably feeling a bit dry and red.

READ: Sara’s Real Life, No-Bullshit Guide to Hangovers — a holiday time must.

I hate to admit it, but by night I’ve become much too lazy to properly wash my face before bed. I dream of relaxing with a detoxifying mask or something of the like but instead I end up using my Carmina Cristima Cleansing Water. I’ve also subbed in Sephora’s Triple Action Cleansing Water, but confirm that Carmina’s is better (P.S. Visit her new store in Camp Hill!) I also really like these Simple face wipes.

This is my real winter pre-makeup routine:

When I shower, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser (I like Cerave, which is often recommended for 30-somethings), although twice a week I exfoliate with Ole Henriksen’s walnut scrub. For my body, I keep it pretty simple with Dove moisturizing body wash.

Out of the shower, I first hit my face with a moisturizing toner — specifically this affordable one from Sephora — before anything else. Next, particularly post-party, I’ll often hit my eyes with a little Visine or Refresh Tears before applying a light eye cream, like this Yes to Carrots treatment.

For those really dry days — a combination of heat and dehydration — I add a few drops of this Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (which I scored in my fall Fab Fit Fun box) to my moisturizer of the moment, Pur-lisse Pur-Protect Moisturizer (a score from the summer Fab Fit Fun box).


Of course, you can’t forget your lips! I go back and forth between this classic Rosebud Salve and Carmina Cristina’s Vitamin C Lip Treatment.

I also like to make sure my hair is getting all the attention it needs, and I like to massage a little Carol’s Daughter Monoi Sacred Strengthening Serum in the ends while it’s still wet. If you have fine hair like me, and the season’s scarves turn the hair by your neck into a matted mess, I’ve found a little of this or L’Oreal Total Repair Dry Oil can work wonders (TIP: To use either oil, pump/spray sparingly into palms before applying; avoid roots).

Body lotion is an important part of my routine, but I’m often switching brands. I liked this LaNatura Body Butter (another Fab Fit Fun inclusion), and coconut oil would probably be a good substitution.

By now, you’re probably sipping on another water with fresh lemon (recommended) but if you’re still feeling super parched, you might want to try a Nuun Hydration tablet. They’re intended for athletes (I’ve used them after particularly sweaty sessions when I can’t seem to get rehydrated; I’m prone to muscle cramps), but I’d by lying if I hadn’t subbed them in after a fun night.

Like these? Shop my picks here.

Do you have any go-to post-party/travel life savers?

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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