The Authoritative “Cans of Summer” According to Sara and Intern Jimi

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Summer beers are no longer limited to just shandies and Coronas. With the emergence of craft breweries making lower ABV beer, or session beers, comes more choices for a long day of drinking.

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Also, a note to craft beer drinkers, it’s okay to drink beer out of a CAN! Some craft beer purists still think that if it doesn’t come from a tap or bottle, it’s no good. Well, we are here to tell you that some of the best beers come in a can and that’s just perfect for summer for a few reasons.

  1. Protection. Cans shield the beer from the harmful rays of the sun. No one likes warm beer but also the sun can have a lot to do with that “skunked” beer taste people talk about.
  2. Safety. Cans don’t break. If you’re relaxing by the pool and drop your can the only thing you’ll hurt is your feelings because you spilled the beer.
  3. Portability. All of these beers come in a 12-pack form and are so easy to just pick up and take with you. They are also a lot lighter than bottles.

Here are the cans we will be sipping on all summer long:

cans of summer

Victory Brewing Company Summer Love

Golden ale that is crisp, light and refreshing with a clean hop taste that is perfect for a day working in the garden or winding down at the end of the day.

Oskar Blues Pinner

The ultimate session IPA. I haven’t found a better one yet. Perfect in a can but pour a little of your first-ever in a glass to get the smell. DANK DANK DANK. IPAs usually aren’t made for a hot day at the beach, but this one will be something to pack up the cooler with. Pinner is also available year-round as well, which makes Sara and I very happy.

Sierra Nevada Nooner

This might be one of the most refreshing beers I’ve ever had. It’s a little hoppier than the style normally is. On top of that, Nooner also now will be available year-round and could be the perfect transition beer for someone who isn’t into craft beer yet.

Troegs Brewing Company Sunshine Pils

When Sunshine arrives on shelves and taps, it signifies that summer is right around the corner. I think Pils is a little hoppier than Nooner but Sara thought it was a bit mild when compared.

Finch’s Wet Hot American Wheat

Sara describes it as a “hoppy wheat,” this refreshing, easy-drinking 5% ABV (in a pounder can!) is a perfect summer beer. A good cross-over, too, for the newly transitioned from macro to craft, it’s been approved by wheat beer haters (Sara’s husband) but isn’t so bitter that it offends those easily scared off by the word “hoppy.” This summer seasonal is available through September. Ask for it.–_sessi.html

BONUS: Zeroday Sirona Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit Pale Ale

Okay, two small caveats. One: this isn’t technically a can — at least not your standard single serve can. A crowler, for the uninitiated, is a 32-oz to go container for beer designed by the can-happy clan at Oskar Blues, which, like a growler, you can fill with whatever beer is available. The benefits of these is much like cans themselves, except a.) they’re customizable, and b.) they hold two 16 oz beers!

You’ll want to swing by Zeroday before a movie at Midtown Cinema (or one of their cool outdoor gigs this summer), and Sara’s summer recommendation is this light, perky and refreshing pale ale. Ah, caveat two: You probably have to like pepper. But give it a try, Sara says you’ll be coming back for more of this one.

Here are a few bonus beers to try or avoid this summer:

Great Lakes Spring Variety Pack

great lakes

It comes with four very different session beers. Truth, Justice and the American Ale; Lawn Seat Kolsch; High Striker Single Belgian Ale; and Holy Moses White Ale. We dig the session IPA (Truth, Justice and the American Ale), and maybe it’s the power of suggestion, but the Lawn Seat Kolsch tastes grassy (pass).

Oculto Lager


It’s beer that is infused with blue agave and aged on tequila staves. Sara and I both would have rather drank tequila. It doesn’t taste like much and we actually didn’t finish the bottle.

Let us know what you’re beers you’ll be drinking all summer long.

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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