Craft Beer and Food Pairing 101

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Pairing craft beer and food doesn’t have to be snooty or high-browed. Most bars you walk into now will have at least one craft beer on tap, if not five or more to please the ever growing craft beer fan base.

So why not take your dining experience to the next level and learn to pair that beer with what is on the menu?

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Well, with’s Beer and Food Course you can beef up not only your knowledge of food pairings, but of craft beer in general, through expert teachings, videos and best of all — tastings.

I am going to be going through this course on a week-by-week basis to give a synopsis of the class that week. I would love to open this up to anyone who would like to join in this with me.

To get the materials for the class follow these instructions:

  1. Follow this link
  2. Click on downloads, then on Beer & Food Course
  3. Fill out the information and wait for your email with the PDF

If you have questions about anything just email me here:

abc ipa hbgbeerweek

Why should you take this class?

  1. It’s all about furthering your beer knowledge.
  2. The course is not long or drawn out. It is four days of material condensed into a PDF that features everything you need.
  3. If you are a server, brewer or someone else in the industry, you can actually apply to take a test to get certified to describe food and beer tastings.
  4. Why the hell not? It’s an extra excuse to drink and eat a little bit more. has brought on two experts to shape and coordinate this course.

  • Chef Adam Dulye is the executive chef for the Brewers Association and
  • Julia Herz, who is the Craft Beer Program director at the Brewers Associations publisher of Herz is also a BJCP-certified beer judge, an award-winning homebrewer and a Certified Cicerone.

The class follows a great guideline that will not inundate you with jargon. Most of the readings are accompanied by practical concepts so you can better know your beer.

Day 1 – History of beer, the rise of craft brewing, homebrewing and craft beer, brewing process, ingredients in beer and and overview of beer styles.

Day 2 – Who classifies beer styles, identifying flavors in beer styles, how to present and pour beer and intro to styles TASTING #1

Day 3 – Identifying beyond flavor profiles, intro to styles TASTING #2 and how to pair craft beer with food

Day 4 – Craft beer and cheese, Interactive tasting and pairing, fresh vs aged or cellared beer and designing a beer dinner

Day 5 – Test (optional)

Beer 101 Pairing

My end game for this will be to do my own beer dinner. Now, whether I cook the food or not is another story entirely.

Please email me if you are interested in taking part in the course. I will be writing the posts regardless. Having a few people along for the ride would be a fun added bonus.

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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