Boozeflix: A drinker’s guide to Netflix

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Even though we will be spending more time outside now that the weather is FINALLY starting to get nicer, there will still be those ugly dreary days where there is no hope for the sun to peak through for the whole day.

Or maybe, you just need a lazy day in the air conditioning.

Instead of binging on Friends for the fifth time, why not boost your booze knowledge with some the booziest documentaries and shows you can find on Netflix.



Somm follow four Sommeliers on what sometimes seems like an impossible journey … to earn the highest ranking in their field, “Master Sommelier.” There have only been 72 in the history of the profession, and after watching this it is easy to see why. The most impressive thing about this movie is watching them pick out wines down to the town they were grown in just by sight, smell and taste.

You can’t watch this with out a glass of wine in your hand.

Crafting a Nation

Similar to Brewed in the Burg – another rainy day must-watch – this documentary takes a hard in-depth look at breweries around the country, each in different stages of their evolution. The movie is a bit outdated; it was made in 2013, but it still shows what some craft brewers still are going through today.


Ken Burns’ Prohibiton takes a detailed look at one of the darker times in our nation’s history. In typical Ken Burns fashion it is extremely well done, but a bit long. He looks at what the 21st Amendment did to our country in three episodes.


  • A Year in Champagne
  • A Year in Burgundy
  • The Birth of Sake

TV Shows

Booze Traveler

Host, Jack Maxwell, pose for a portrait in one of the hills along the shore of Huacarpay Lake near Cusco, Peru. Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Photo: Tito Herrera for Travel Channel

Jack Maxwell might have the best job in the world (other than interning for Sara). He gets to travel across the globe to indulge in the locals libations. From Spain and their sherry festival to drinking fermented camel’s milk, there is nothing he won’t drink.

Anything with Anthony Bourdain

From the most sophisticate places in Spain to the most spot in the heart of Africa, Bourdain has shared more than his fair share with the world’s population. Some of his best work, however, comes when he explores a certain spot in France or Italy. You can get lost for days with these shows, if you haven’t seen them already on TV a few times.

Some that can’t be found on Netflix:

Best Bars in America

Yes, the title is very self-explanatory. Two comedians travel the country and hit up the best bars in whatever city they are in that week. Unfortunately the show will not be coming back for a fourth season.


A show for the true beer drinker. The BrewDogs, a UK Brewery that will be invading our shores soon, travel from Mexico to Alaska to find the best beer and create some crazy concotions along the way. Past beers have included an “anti-Rheinheitegebot” beer, a beer brewed at the bottom of Lake Michigan and putting a beer into a bourbon-barrel ferris wheel.

**Both shows can be found on**

So grab a drink, flick on the tv and enjoy that day in front of the tube because you deserve it.


James Werner
Author: James Werner

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