Rosé, Will you accept this Rose?

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Let’s get this out of the way now. Yes, I watch the Bachelorette. Not only do I watch it, I am in love with it and the rest of the Bachelor family (watch Bachelor in Paradise and tell me that’s not TERRIFIC television).

It is the highlight of my week. Don’t try to tell me how pointless or “fake” it is. It won’t work.

Clear? Good.

This is JoJo’s season and she is here to give a fresh face and personality to Bachelornation (That’s what we call ourselves).

The show gives me a chance to turn my brain off for a few hours every week and relax. To wind down even more I do what most mid-age women do on a Monday night and drink a good amount of wine while unapologetically yelling at the TV.

JoJo Bach

I like to try new wines, so I decided that I would make a new tradition for my Monday nights. Each week, on the boss’ suggestion, I would grab a different bottle of Rosé to pair with the new Bachelorette episode.

This was easier said than done because it was slim pickings at my local liquor store. Other than eyeing up the wine I was saving for the finale, I had exhausted my options. If I am going to continue my foray into rosé I will have to branch out to some other stores.

Rose Glass

Premier (Episode 1) – Crios de Susana Balbo Rose of Malbec (Argentina 2015)

This wine was a good transition from the dry reds that I am used to drinking. It had a darker color than most rosés, more of a magenta color, with flavors of strawberry and juicy crisp fruits.

It was the best wine to drink with absolutely amazing premier episode that was one of the best in Bachelorette history.

Episodes 2-3

Unfortunately no wine was paired with these episodes. I was busy watching the Penguins win the Stanley Cup (goosebumps) and had to catch up during the day.

Episode 4 – Mouton Cadet Rose 2015


It was a hot night, and I knew there would be some fireworks on the show. I grabbed this wine not really knowing what to expect because it was my first attempt at a lighter color rosé. The wine had fruity notes with a touch of refreshing citrus. It offered a nice break to the craziness that happened on the screen.

This episode was filmed at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and The Boss got her first taste of Bachelornation while she was there. She claims she isn’t hooked, but it’s only a matter of time.

Episode 5 – Dark Horse Rose 2014

Similar to JoJo, my choices were starting to dwindle. I thought I was going have to settle and go for a repeat option until at the end of the aisle I saw hope. It was a Rose and it was on sale for $8 — SOLD! For the money, it was the best out of the bunch. It did lead a little to the sweeter side with with a taste of strawberries, brown sugar and refreshing fruit.

Finale – Barton and Guestier Cotes De Provence Rose

Finale Rose

The Bachelorette finale is not just another episode, it’s an event that calls for a special wine. I searched the store in an attempt to find the best rosé. I came upon this French wine made with Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grapes that received great reviews and tasting notes of white cherry and watermelon rind.

I can’t wait to get to the finale to see who JoJo picks and, more importantly, to try this wine.

I have a few reserves on the shelf for the remainder of the season and I am open to suggestions. Check in with my Twitter as I tweet about the episodes (be prepared for a lot of GIFS) and to see the wine I am drinking that night.

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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