How St@rtup Changed the Way I Work

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When I started working for Sara, I was excited to have the freedom to be able to work wherever I wanted to on a daily basis.

I pictured myself checking off my to-do list while sipping coffee on the couch in sweats all day long. Or, if I wanted, I could head out to a local library or coffee shop to tear through the latest list of objectives.

After a few months of the “work wherever” mentality, I came to the realization that this no way to get in a full day of work.

At home, I was faced with the threat of being on-call for the next household chore or family member visit. Additionally, there were times that I would spend days on end without ever getting out of the house.

My dreams of long days at coffee shops were soon dashed, too. Instead of working, I was constantly reconnecting to the internet or looking for a convenient power source for my computer. Not to mention the ongoing distractions of working in a public place.

I even faced problems when working from headquarters. My “cubicle” was a cramped chaise lounge that I shared with the famous Buddy, Sara’s German Shorthaired Pointer.

Working with a dog everyday sounds great until they leave you with little to no room to work and nag you to pet them every five minutes.

Nothing was working. I needed to get serious about finding the right workspace for me.

The solution to my problems presented itself when st@rtup Harrisburg moved to its new expanded home on 3rd Street in Midtown.

St@rtup, Harrisburg’s first coworking space, is specifically designed to alleviate the distractions and problems I was facing on a daily basis.

No longer did I need to worry about shoddy wifi, or a dog spread out across my keyboard looking for constant attention.

I now had a space devoid of distractions with a variety of perks to keep me motivated and working throughout the day.

st@rtup membership perks

Let’s start with the main working space. There are so many spots to work from that you can switch up your scenery throughout the day to keep your work area fresh.

Personally, I like to spend the mornings at the desks in the middle of the room, then move to the windows to people-watch later in the day.

Along with a great work environment, st@rtup offers a reliable wifi network that never crashes (knock on wood), USB ports and plugs at every desk, and some of the most comfortable chairs.

Instead of setting up a meeting in a crowded coffee shop, st@rtup offers several private meeting rooms so you are always guaranteed the necessary space you need to work with your team.

Freshly brewed coffee is always available for that kickstart in the morning or the midday pick-me-up.

Need a beer at the end of the day?

Don’t worry, st@rtup always has a keg of ZerØday beer in their kegerator. You can also bring in beer to store in the mini-fridge for your own happy hour.

Another huge perk included in your membership is parking. St@rtup now has two parking lots just off of 3rd Street for their members. Never pay for street parking or have to worry about getting a ticket again.

Your membership gives you access to st@rtup 24/7, plus a mailing address and access to st@rtup events.

Around the area

Since st@rtup is located in the heart of a thriving Midtown you are never too far from lunch, dinner or an after work drink.

For lunch, if the Broad Street Market isn’t open, my usual spot has become Pastorante. Their panini lunch meal that includes a salad is perfect for lunch.

If I’m not having a beer at st@rtup, you can usually find me at either Sturges Speakeasy, ZerØday, or The Millworks to grab a drink after work. All within walking distance of st@rtup.

How to work from st@rtup

At st@rtup you have a few different options that help solve your unconventional office dilemma. Each option comes with all the perks mentioned above plus more as you upgrade your work area.

Hot desk – $175/month

This is what I do. I love it.

It’s a very coffee shop style of pop-in working, while not having to fight for a table every time you need to work.

St@rtup features 16 hot desks plus a variety of other seating options to work from. While you might not be working at the same desk every visit, you will have a personal space for your work.

Day passes – $15/day

If you have trouble with commitment, st@rtup offers an option that lets you pop-in on an as-needed basis. This can be great for those that just need to get out of the house for the day.

The day passes work the same as a hot-desk with all of the included perks.

Dedicated desk – $275/month

This spot is your own. You get your own desk with a chair that you can access 24/7. It’s a spot you know that will always be there no matter when duty calls.

Dedicated offices – Currently SOLD OUT

These are in limited supply and high in demand. It’s your own full office complete with a desk, table and chairs and the ability to lock up at the end of the work day.

Plus, you can customize your space to your exact liking.

Be on the lookout if they come on the market again!

Many dedicated desks are still available for month-to-month rent. Rent them now and get to coworking!

Working out of st@rtup has afforded me the opportunity to concentrate more on work in a more conventional workspace, while at the same time, not sacrificing on the atmosphere I crave.

I don’t feel trapped. I don’t feel cramped. It’s a space I look forward to seeing every week.

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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