Don’t Call it a Comeback, The Ok-Oks are Back on Track

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Hey! What ever happened to those guys anyway?! I find myself saying that from time to time when I realize that I haven’t seen or heard from a band in a long time. No Facebook updates, no tweets, no new events, and a dead website.

So many bands just dissolve. I was worried this was the fate for one of my favorite indie bands in our area. Luckily, I was wrong.

The Ok-Oks suddenly started showing up in my Facebook feed again, new promo pictures of the band with a new member surfaced and new shows posted. I had to reach out to Sadie, leader singer of The Ok-Oks with the biggest voice I’ve heard come out of a person in a long time, and personal friend of mine, to find out just what the heck is going on and what the future holds for them:

MJ: You guys have been a band for a few years now, how did The Ok-Oks come to be?

OK: We started out wanting to just play a few covers as an excuse to play live and ended up accidently writing a song during one of our practices. We took that as a sign that we should run with it, and now we’re here!

MJ: Tell me about your influences, in music and in life, that help to create your sound and lyrics.

OK: We’re all influenced by different people in our lives. While our guitarist comes from a blues backgrounds, our bass player grew up playing punk. Those things derive from different places, but our music is an outlet for all these inspirations to converge. We value the input of each player because we each bring something new to the table. Our experiences play into the raw nature of our music.

MJ: So you consider yourself an indie rock band, it’s safe to say the industry is flooded with indie rock bands, what do you think makes you guys stand out from the rest?

OK: We say we’re indie rock because we don’t really know what the hell we are! I guess you could say we are a weird twist of 70’s rock and punk but, our music is a constant evolution. We wish we could tell you exactly what makes us stand out but we hope the music will speak for itself.

MJ: What do you love about our local music scene?

OK: The variety in the community of musicians. We have made so many amazing connections with such talented artists. Even though we all come from different genres and have our own styles, we still have had the ability to support one another. The competitive nature never really came about, it’s more about a community of bands helping and supporting one another. We’d rather empower each other and play some good ass music! Check out our babes: Port Ellis, Analog Watts, The Mellowells, Spill and, Ton-Taun.

MJ: So the million dollar question: Where in the hell have you guys been?

OK: Well, we were in the middle of recording our new album when our drummer had quit during the process. So, we went searching far and wide and found our new drummer Jordan who can tap a drum like no other. We cannot wait to show him off at our upcoming show March 8 at the Chameleon Club. The wait felt like forever, the time was used to plot some great things for our future that we cannot wait to announce soon!

MJ: You’re working on a new album, tell us what to expect.

OK: We had the extreme pleasure of wracking Bobby Gentilo’s brain over the last year to make a rock n’ roll album in the most authentic fashion by recording analog to tape at Right Coast Recording. While it has its vintage roots, we hope to bring you something new, unlike anything we’ve ever made before. This album unintentionally matured as we did during the last two years of writing as each of us has experienced a lot of personal changes in our lives. It’s definitely a sentiment to the struggle of growing pains.

MJ: You guys return to the stage March 8 at the Chameleon Club with Turnover and The Mellowells, tell us what to expect of your triumphant return.

OK: We are so grateful to share the stage for our comeback with these two bands. It will be filled with neon lights and bar fights courtesy of Teenage Crimewave, I even rented a tuxedo for the occasion! It will be a great night filled with original music and there are only a few tickets left. We hope to see you there!

It’s so great to see a talented band back in the saddle and holding it down again for the local indie scene. The Ok-Oks. are talented beyond their years. Check them out March 8 at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster when they share the stage with The Mellowells and Turnover.

Make sure you are following The Ok-Oks on Facebook to keep up with those big announcements they mentioned!

Micah Jacobs
Author: Micah Jacobs

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