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That’s right, it’s Shark Week!

For 29 years now, no summer is complete without a week dedicated to our horribly misunderstood friends of the sea.

In Defense of Sharks

Shark Week 2017 is back to its normally scheduled time, and we’ve had to wait almost all summer to dive back into the world of sharks. It has become a tradition for us here at, and I’m sure we’ll get together on more than one occasion to catch a few episodes.

While the whole week is full of thrilling and educating shows, there are a few programs that have the potential to be amazing television.

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Here is our list of can’t-miss (or must-DVR) shows during Shark Week 2017.

Sunday, July 23

Phelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White (8 p.m.)

shark week phelps

I’m usually more into the scientific and informational shows of Shark Week, but there is no way I’m missing Phelps vs. Shark. I have no idea how they are going to pull this off, but it’s just part of the intrigue this special has.

If I had to take a guess, they might make Michael Phelps’ speed relative to size and speed in the water. You know, science. But science be damned, I want to see Phelps (safely) in the water head-to-head against this shark!

Does he win? He can’t, right? Then again, he is Michael Phelps.

Anyone care to make a wager?

The Great Hammerhead Invasion (10:10 p.m.)

Hammerheads fascinate me. From the way they look to the way they hunt, I think this species is one of the coolest sharks in the sea.

This special takes a look at the migration of Great Hammerheads to Bimini Beach in the Bahamas. The reason this is so interesting is that these sharks are usually solitary, but come together every winter in large numbers.

Watch as the scientists try to uncover the reason so many of these giant sharks gather in one place.

Monday, July 24

Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins (10 p.m.)

When the first Alien Sharks premiered during Shark Week two years ago, I was immediately sucked in by how cool and weird some of these shark species were.

Alien Sharks takes a look at some of the more unusual species of sharks that exist in the depths of the ocean.Species like ghost sharks, frill sharks, and lantern sharks all exist and come out at night. This special dives to the depths, opening up a whole new world of what we think of as sharks.

Tuesday, July 25

Sharks and the City: L.A. and New York (9 & 10 p.m.)

These are two separate episodes that focus on great white shark activity around two of the largest cities in America. It’s hard to think about sharks being in the waters around New York City, but they are moving back to the Big Apple and scientists want to find out why.

With Los Angeles, it’s no secret that sharks inhabit the shores off of California, but now Great Whites are growing in numbers.

Wednesday, July 26

Devil Sharks (10 p.m.)

The title, “Devil Sharks” is very misleading. I feared this was going to be a gory re-creation of beach attacks that villainize sharks.

Once I read the description, I knew this was one I wouldn’t want to miss.

Apparently, sharks congregate in large numbers around both active and extinct volcanoes. This special follows marine biologists as they dive through and around several of these shark hot spots to see what draws them in.

This sets up for some great shots of sharks in unexplored shark habitats in unusual locations.

Friday, July 28

Lair of the Sawfish (10 p.m.)

The sawfish is one of the most unusual fish in the sea, and it’s on the verge of extinction. This special follows scientists as they explore the unknown world of the sawfish to explore its origins and the future of this awesome shark.

Sunday, July 30

Like all good things, Shark Week has to come to an end, but it will live on in our hearts in spirit throughout the year. Sunday is typically the day that all the new specials are played again all day.

Make it a lazy Sunday, grab a few drinks and enjoy the week that was.

Shark School with Michael Phelps (8 p.m.)

End your shark week in a similar manner in which you started, with Michael Phelps and a bunch of sharks. Phelps sits down with renowned shark scientists to talk about the true nature of sharks.

Phelps will also go face-to-face with several sharks to learn the best diving techniques. This special ends Shark Week on the notes that it should. It teaches people about sharks and how we can all live together if we just show them the respect they deserve.

What Shark Week programming are you looking forward to?

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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