Holiday Gift Guide: The Music Edition

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The great thing about a music-related gift is how creative you can get for that special person in your life who always seems to have earbuds in, is taking over the jukebox at the local bar, or if you’re like me, always has tickets to the next show in their pocket.

Here are my top gifts for that person in your life who will always have control of the aux cord in the car:

Crosley Nomad Portable USB Record Player

What a time to be alive! With the affordability and sound quality upgraded technology brings to record players. The Crosley Nomad will not break the bank and has a great list of features including software to digitally rip your old vinyl collection that you have carefully curated through a series of flea market trips into a digital format. You also can connect your own digital music player to make this an all in one package. Lastly, it’s a beautiful player and brings together that cool retro look with modern technology. Check out Best Buy for some great deals on the Crosley Nomad.

Art Vinyl Play & Display Frames

Whether you’re crates-deep into your vinyl collection or just want some decorative pieces for your home, these Play & Display frames from Art Vinyl make the perfect gift. The frames hinge outward to allow easy access to your favorite records or to just change them out with something different. You could change the frames out to show all Christmas albums during the Holidays or, proudly display some of the old classics your father gave you from when he was young. Check out the Art Vinyl website to order the frames in either white or black.

Cigar Box Guitar Kit

What a great gift for the DIY musician or aspiring musician. These Cigar Box Kits from Sound Box Guitars offer a fun and affordable gift that might just spawn the next Shane Speal! Speaking of, if you want to really wow them, then head over to Shane’s website to purchase some of his own custom, handmade cigar box guitars. He even has lessons posted to get aspiring players started.

Check out the awesome sound you can get right out of a cigar box guitar from Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band:

Soundwave Jewelry

Danielle Crampsie is a custom jewelry maker from Canada who has been creating amazing pieces since 2005. Guys, just imagine the look on her face when you get her a custom-made bangle (that’s a bracelet, fellas) with the soundwave of your voice saying, “I love you,” to her or maybe the lyrics to your song. Head over to the Soundwave Jewellery website today to get your holiday order in!

Vintage Show Poster Art

Lastly, you can never go wrong with some vintage concert screen prints. While the original concert prints would cost you thousands you can save some of that cash and get a nice reprint in a good frame to create a wonderful display of their favorite band or your favorite band! I would head over to the Poster Scene website and scour through the thousands of prints from almost every band you could imagine to find that perfect one.

There are thousands of gifts out there for the musician or music fanatic in your life. I always try to look for something personal in my gifts, but having the connection of music between you and a friend or a family member — well, there isn’t anything you could buy to replace that.

This holiday season, sip some beverages with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and put on that album that defined an entire summer you spent together.

Happy Holidays friends, keep it live and local.

Micah Jacobs
Author: Micah Jacobs

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