Insider Tips to Strawberry Square: Guest Feature

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The following is a guest post by Elise Panko, Harristown Enterprises

I spend a lot of time in Strawberry Square.

I’m here every day and a lot of weekends, too. I’m familiar with the spaces, the faces, and the awesome businesses and personalities in the building.

I’d like to shed some light on a few of my favorite, perhaps lesser-known things that everyone can enjoy at my favorite downtown hub.

Lunchbox at Fresa Bistro

strawberry square

You can find this meal in the grab-and-go cooler at Fresa Bistro, located on the first level of Strawberry Square.

You have a choice of chicken or tuna salad, and it comes with veggies, ranch for dipping, and a roll. It’s an affordable $6 for a decent portion, and it doesn’t weigh you down in that afternoon meeting.

Find a quiet spot to eat — here I chow down in our office breakroom — and it’s the perfect weekday lunch.

Seasonal Drinks at Little Amps Coffee Roasters

strawberry square

Little Amps is no secret. They are right at the clock in Strawberry Square and have become a popular meet-up spot.

I’m a big coffee fan, but their seasonal drinks are always a unique, refreshing treat.

Summertime means Chai Tea Palmer iced teas, and fall calls for sweet apple cider, hot or chilled. (Both are pictured!)

They feature eggnog and cold brew in the winter months for a decadent liquid treat.

Glasses from Ideas and Objects

Did you know this little shop features unique and funky sunglasses and readers on their counter?

Their merchandise is always fun and colorful, but I love picking up a new pair of bold, statement-making shades to add to my summer fashion.

Showroom Pickup from Amma Jo

strawberry square

Browsing Amma Jo’s online store is always fun.

Catch one of Amma’s sales announced on social media, then place your order, and pick up your stylish purchase right at their showroom on the first floor of Strawberry Square.

I ordered this fall scarf (pictured above) right on my phone and picked it up about 15 minutes later.

No shipping charges here!

Taco Salad from Santa Fe Mexican Grille

This is a food court favorite.

Try Sante Fe Mexican Grille’s taco salad in a tortilla bowl with taco toppings, cheese, and spicy HOT salsa that is not for the faint of heart.

This spicy, crunchy salad is arguably better than Chipotle’s.

Fitness U

strawberry square

I’ve been a member of Fitness U for years, and one of my favorite new exercise classes is Tabata Bootcamp.

The class is a convenient 45 minutes, but it is a killer. I was sore for days after trying April’s cardio and bodyweight moves.

Milkshakes from Sweets on Market

Randomly craving a delicious milkshake while you’re downtown?

Sweets on Market, next to Harrisburg University, has you covered. These are best enjoyed after a workout at Fitness U.

Provisions Loyalty+ membership

strawberry square

For only $35 a year, Provisions Loyalty+ members receive a starter kit of mason jar containers to use in the bulk aisles at Provisions, plus a lot of other discounts and specials on groceries.

This store is a game-changer, especially for downtown residents who can now get fresh, healthy foods without jumping in the car.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar at GNC

Does anyone else love Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (a.k.a magical health elixir)?

My friend, Sara, got me hooked!

Just a tablespoon or two in a glass of water every morning promotes healthy gut bacteria. You can find it at the GNC in Strawberry Square right off from the atrium.

Strawberry Square Snapchat

You know when you swipe down on Snapchat and see the story that others posted at a particular location?

Do this at Strawberry Square, as it is an eclectic mix of students, employees, residents, travelers, artwork, music, events, food, and everyone in between.

A coworker and fellow Snapchat lover found this hidden gem, and it is a perfect representation of the beautiful diversity that comprises Strawberry Square.

Watch it, or better yet, add to it while visiting us the next time you’re downtown.

Meet Elise Panko

Manager, community development at Harristown Enterprises.

Elise is a Harrisburg resident and employee of Harristown Enterprises, the company who owns and operates Strawberry Square.

Elise is a transplant from Erie, Pa. and moved to Harrisburg in 2013 after college. She loves living, working, eating, drinking and shopping in downtown Harrisburg and is a self-proclaimed downtown expert.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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