Little Amps Freeze-Dried Coffee Combines Quality and Convenience

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Little Amps‘ new freeze-dried coffee provides a new way to enjoy quality coffee on the go in both traditional and non-traditional drinks.

A twist on “instant coffee,” it offers all the flavor you expect from a Little Amps roast but is both convenient and customizable to your favorite drinks.

“Our objective with the freeze-dried coffee was to keep up the quality,” said Little Amps manager, Peter Allan. “We don’t want people to ever have to settle for low-quality coffee, and we want to keep it accessible for everyone.”

little amps freeze-dried coffee

What is freeze-dried coffee?

Basically, it’s instant coffee.

Sure, instant coffee is nothing new, but Swift Cup, the Lancaster-based company that produces the freeze-dried product, is now making it possible for independent coffee shops to offer this convenience to their local customers.

“Swift Cup’s main objective is to maintain the quality of the coffee,” said Allan. “We roast the beans ourselves then send it to Swift Cup where they brew large concentrated batches and then freeze dry it for hours.”

The final product is a packet of granules of coffee that are packed into a box making them easy to take on the go. Each box contains six packets that make one drink each.

Currently, Little Amps offers two flavors of freeze-dried coffee. They debuted the line with their Dark Star roast and recently added an Ethiopian bean called Buufata Konga.

You can find either flavor at any Little Amps location or on their new online store.

To buy online, create a personal profile and get $5 off your first purchase by using the promo code “#FIRST” at checkout.

Soon each flavor will also be available at Wegmans right next to their coffee beans.

Traditional and creative uses

Hot and cold coffee

Making a cup of hot coffee with an individual packet is so simple.

little amps freeze-dried coffee

Fill your cup with a desired amount of water — the more water, the less concentrated the coffee — then pour in the packet, stir and enjoy.

For cold coffee, you can just replicate the same process, obviously, with cold water.

Tip: The coffee doesn’t dissolve in cold liquids as quickly as it does in hot liquids and requires a bit more stirring to dissolve the granules fully. To avoid extra stirring, use a small cup of warm water to dissolve the coffee quickly, and then pour that into the cold liquid.

More coffee drinks

Craving a cappuccino or latte but don’t feel like leaving the house?

Break out one of these packets to make your favorite coffee drinks at home. Check these out easy recipes on how to create classic cafe staples using instant coffee.

Allan encourages using a more concentrated mix of coffee (less water to coffee ratio) to try to recreate Little Amps menu drinks at home.


Adding a packet to your favorite seltzer creates a refreshing alternative to a standard cup of coffee.

little amps freeze-dried coffee

Although you could go with a variety of different flavors, I chose to try the coffee with Pellegrino and coconut seltzer (on the boss’s recommendation).

Again, it is a bit harder to dissolve the coffee in cold liquids, but it’s nothing a few extra stirs won’t remedy. I was able to dissolve everything into a smooth drink with no trouble.

If I did this again, I would stick with the coconut seltzer for an extra kick of flavor, but both were refreshing.


Yes, you can even add this to your favorite brew.

little amps freeze-dried coffee

I recommend finding a porter or stout, or consider venturing into some sweeter Belgian-style strong ales to get a little more creative.

Again, you might have to stir a little longer to make sure it all dissolves, but it’s a small price to pay for excellent coffee flavor.

I put some, not the whole packet,  in my Tröegs Dead Reckoning Porter, and it added even more roasted flavors with a kick of the coffee.


Nate Kaiser, Swift Cup’s owner, used the Little Amps packet in his bronze-medal Coffee Cream Ale at the Lititz Homebrew Fest this past year.

It’s up to you how you want to use this, but homebrewer Derek Markle suggests adding it during post-fermentation for a punch of coffee flavor.

The possibilities keep on going and are only as limited as your curiosity will take you.

I loved having these in my backpack while at Startup so I don’t have to make an entire pot of coffee mid-day or mix it with a glass of seltzer for a refreshing drink.

How would you use the freeze-dried coffee?

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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