My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again: New Year’s Resolutions. I think by now you all know where I stand on these.

Here’s a secret: Last year, after posting my resolutions, I created a stickie on my desktop titled “Real Resolutions.” They were:

  • Inventory pantry each week. Cook what we have!
  • More mini dinner parties
  • Go to bed! Stop falling asleep on the couch.
  • Fold laundry
  • Run errands! Stop leaving piles of things all over the house.
  • Drink more water (have a water bottle on you always!)

I still somehow need to go to the market or grocery store to cook from a recipe (though I always always always have the makings of Quick Spaghetti in the house). I didn’t host any damn dinner parties because I traveled so much for Poured and I was fat pregnant and tired. I *did* learn to go to bed, and I slept more than I have in my life and I loved it. I also read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It helped me get rid of so many things — and I’m still in the process of making this house the way I want it. I drank more water because I was pregnant and what the hell else could I drink. I still make my friend Nate buy me three cases of LaCroix from Costco every time he goes.

Obviously, this year is different, having had a baby and all. However, based on my goals for this past year, in a way, little has changed. I imagine I won’t be traveling as much, but life was slowing down anyway. Hygge and all, right?


For 2018, I resolve to:

Find my flow

I miss yoga. And NSP. And adult humans. And me time. And feeling strong. A good friend gifted me a fantastic jogging stroller, so let’s go there — I’ll do a 5K with Bo this year.

Eat better

I probably should not still be on the cookie and cake diet. Sorry, Raising the Bar.

Cook at home more

A repeat from last year, because it turns out 2017 was absurd too. I again traveled all summer, Andy works so much, and I was pregnant, so there was a decent amount of takeout ordered by us both. Since I had a baby, I mostly just watch the Food Network ad nauseam (can’t wait to see Alex Guaranschelli at the Farm Show!), and so I’m extra inspired to get back in the kitchen and cook …

About those mini dinner parties

Baby means going out less, so in order to prioritize adult conversations that are not about poop, I gotta get on this. I have so many recipes saved, tons of meat in the freezer, ample good wine, and a developing cocktail arsenal.

Get inspired by something new

I have this joke about how work is my hobby, and I suppose it is once I made my hobby my job. However, I’m itching for something new to inspire my creativity, so it’s time to find something that isn’t “work” to fuel my downtime.

And for good measure, every year: I also resolve to drink more water, cut down on online shopping, keep my office cleaner, and be a better gardener. (I literally copied and pasted this from last year (AGAIN), which is both efficient and a good reminder of how well I did.)

Meanwhile, here’s how I did this past year:

  • Do a headstand – Check! I actually managed this while pregnant (1st trimester). Oh gosh I miss yoga. 
  • Increase my workouts – I definitely had to cut back on yoga, but it was because of work travel, not the baby in my belly. I worked out through my eighth month and am super proud of that. I can’t wait to get back at it. I’m also terrified of how much strength and balance I’ve lost.
  • Eat better – I ate well until, say, month six, when I switched to the All Pastries Diet. Thanks, Raising the Bar.
  • Cook at home more – Sigh. I guess I did OK. More on the docket for 2018.
  • Read 12 Books – Finally! A perk of pregnancy. I did this and more. I haven’t read since I had Bo, though, and I’m eager to make time to read again.
  • Say no more often – Oh I said no to so many social things, but what fun is the prego girl anyway? Work was insane, and there I did not say no, but why should I?
  • Work more efficiently – I think we accomplished some of this, but I could continue to do better. At least I’ve finally accepted working on my phone to some degree.
  • Continue to travel – New York City, Las Vegas, most of the state of Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Erie.

Cheers! What will you resolve for 2018?

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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