Grocery Shopping at Broad Street Market: Guest Feature

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The following is a guest post by Andrea Black, Friends of Midtown

“So, I can totally see why you love the Market.”

That’s what a recent transplant to the Harrisburg area told me after his first visit to Broad Street Market.

“That was an awesome experience, and I definitely will be going back there more often,” he said.

broad street market

With its two buildings bustling with diners, shoppers, and browsers, it’s pretty obvious that this friend and I weren’t alone in our love for Broad Street Market.

In the Market’s Stone Building, you’ll find lunch options for everyone, from Indian, Jamaican or Greek food to burgers, barbeque, and cookies. Plus, with the addition of Zeroday Øutpost at Broad Street Market, you can grab a beer with lunch!

Announcing: Zeroday Øutpost at Broad Street Market

In the Market’s Brick Building, you’ll find some prepared food vendors, but you’ll also find traditional market vendors selling produce, meat, cheeses and many other grocery staples. It’s where I do most of my grocery shopping. In fact, I haven’t shopped at Giant, Weis, Karns or Wegmans in at least two years.

What I can’t buy at Broad Street Market, I used to pick up a Rite Aid or Target, but now that Provisions is open at Strawberry Square, I can round out my Market grocery shopping with a quick trip to Provisions.

I do my grocery shopping at The Market on Saturday mornings, after doing a small group class at Next Step Performance (it’s just a couple of blocks down 3rd Street).

Why You Should Check Out Next Step Performance

Post class, I’m usually starving, so my first stop is at Lil’s Pretzels for a sausage, egg, and cheese pretzel log. Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds!

Next stop is Elementary Coffee Co. for my dose of caffeine. The line for coffee is usually pretty long, so I have time to eat breakfast while I wait. After coffee time and some socializing, I head off in search of groceries. I’m a creature of habit, so I shop at the same handful of vendors every week.

I start in the back of the building at Peach Ridge Produce, where I pick up most of the fruits and veggies I need. Peach Ride has a good selection of basic fruits and vegetables, sometimes locally grown depending on the season, and they also have a pickle bar with dozens of options.

Next, I stop at JB Kelly Seafood Connection for some fantastic, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. Like I said, I’m a creature of habit. If I weren’t, I’d pick up some sushi-grade tuna, or maybe homemade crab-cakes or smoked salmon spread. Maybe I’ll do that next week …

Hummer’s Meats is my next stop, where I buy all the meat, cheese, and eggs I need for the week. Lately, I’ve been really into their petite filets, which are the perfect size for topping a salad. Hummer’s also has the best chicken salad I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

My last stop for groceries is at Radish & Rye Food Hub. This is the only place where I tend to buy totally different things every week. One week, I’ll pick up salsa, salad dressing, crackers, and carrots, and the next week I might pick up mushrooms, purple sweet potatoes, maple syrup, and bread. Fun fact: they’ll even slice your loaf of bread for you!

The absolute last stop I make during my Broad Street Marker shopping is at D. McGee Design Studio for a small bouquet of fresh flowers to perk up my living room.

Like I said, I’m a creature of habit. There are many, many, many other vendors where you could grocery shop, and they’re all listing on Broad Street Market’s website.

Take a look and make your shopping list. I’ll see you at the Market on Saturday!

Meet Andrea Black

Business Co-Chair, Friends of Midtown

Andrea Black is a midtown Harrisburg resident who spends entirely too much time at Broad Street Market. On non-Market days, you can find her practicing her unicycle riding or working out at Next Step Performance. She is also Business Co-Chair and candidate for president of Friends of Midtown.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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