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I know I deem every show I see as, “so amazing” and “my new favorite show,” but this time, I 100% mean it. I had the opportunity to sit in on a dress rehearsal for I LOVE YOU BECAUSE at Theatre Harrisburg last week and I was completely enthralled throughout the entire run-through. Many thanks again to Director Caitlin Graci for inviting me!

The show is a very loose adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, which can not-so-subtly be seen in the character’s names (the male lead’s name is Austin Bennet) and the show’s plot: heartbreak, non-reciprocated feelings, too late for love, and a possible not-so-happily ever after.


I LOVE YOU BECAUSE is SO relatable to today’s dating scene, and I found myself saying, “oh my gosh, same!” throughout the entire performance. There’s even an entire number dedicated to the “formula” behind moving on from someone and finding someone new.

With sarcasm and wit, the show explores the (sometimes terrifying) experience of meeting someone new and the many ways of navigating the awkwardness and jumbled mess of feelings that come with it. It’s not too rom-com, but still endearing, a la 500 Days of Summer. (Maybe it’s just because one of the characters is a greeting card writer, but I thought of that movie the whole time during the show!)


The dialogue and music are quick and catchy, and while the cast is small (only six people), they shine as an ensemble. You find yourself rooting for each couple, even though they may not appear perfect together on paper … isn’t that how it works in real life?

The show may be a comedy, but it will hit you in both the heart and the head. It makes you think, “wow, how BIG are the three little words: I love you?” and you realize all the things that may annoy you about someone may actually be the reasons why you love them. It’s not I love you anyways¸ even though you drive me crazy and you’re obnoxious and you like weird music or don’t make plans, it’s I love you because of all those things. It’ll remind you of wanting to call your mom or best friend after you meet someone really great and you have butterflies in your belly. And that’s why I love you, I LOVE YOU BECAUSE.

I LOVE YOU BECAUSE runs until March 18. Buy tickets here.

Author: Hope

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