The Menzingers: After the Party

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It was the (un)official start to summer this past weekend, and hopefully, you got to enjoy a nice long, 3-day weekend like I did.

The weather was decent and it seemed almost all of my friends had tickets to last weekend’s The Menzingers show at The Stage on Herr at HMAC.

Luckily, I did too. The show sold out very quickly — for such a force like The Menzingers to come through Harrisburg and play a smaller venue like this, I knew it was going to be either absolute chaos or absolutely beautiful.

It was absolutely beautiful.

I haven’t been to as many shows this year (I’m working a lot more), but this was hands down one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time.

I hadn’t heard of The Menzingers until last year and have been in love with their honest, aggressive style of punk rock that reminds me of old Rise Against or Bad Religion.

Formed in Scranton, PA in the wake of the pop-punk/ska explosion in the early 2000s, The Menzingers first release, “A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology,” is a great starting point into their already stout catalog.

While naturally, their style has evolved through the years, they have never lost that aggressive edge and their lyrical experience really shines through with their 2017 release, “After The Party,” — an album that vocalist Greg Barnett says was a “love letter to our 20s.”

We enjoyed a few beverages with friends and headed over to the show. We rounded the corner and saw the line was out the door and turned down Third Street in Harrisburg. I caught up with a few friends I haven’t seen in a long time while we stood in line waiting. It wasn’t much of a wait to get in, and when we entered we were again greeted by a crowd of friends and familiar faces.

The Menzingers opened up with their track, “Tellin Lies,” which has a big rock n’ roll opening to it with crashing cymbals and guitars playing blue scale style solos. It was the obvious song to start the show.

The crowd started moving around a bit, but it wasn’t anything out of control. The vibe was good, the sound was great, we sang every word, and The Menzingers did not miss a single beat.

They rocked out tracks from all of their albums often time reaching back and playing tracks from the 2012 release “On the Impossible Past” including my favorite track, “Good Things,” and newer tracks such as “After The Party.”

As luck would have it, The Menzingers will be back in the area on Aug. 16 at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster.

Tickets are available on TicketFly for just $20. Do yourself a favor and give their music a listen and check out their live show.

Until next time, keep it live and local!

Micah Jacobs
Author: Micah Jacobs

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