Club XL: Harrisburg’s Newest Venue Rocks

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It’s been a few months since Club XL opened up just off of Cameron St. in Harrisburg.

I have been meaning to get out and check out the space if nothing for the fact that my old friends at Assorted Studios in York curated and run the lighting and sound for Club XL.

Last Friday I made a point to go check out Hip Hop in Harrisburg alum Vito Depierro and Cordell as they opened up for legendary Rob Base.

Hip-Hop in Harrisburg: Cordell

The parking lot for Club XL shares a space with the lot for Savannah’s on Hannah and is spacious, well lit, and even had a few attendants outside the club keeping an eye on the outside space. The safety of patrons has to be the top priority for any venue to be successful and walking in and out by myself on a Friday night I felt safe and confident walking to and from my car.

The entrance is set up like a box office. I purposely did not purchase my tickets ahead of time because I wanted to check the service levels of the entire entrance process. The front door greeter, the security and the front desk attendant were smiling and pleasant. Nothing grinds my gears more than entrance employees acting as if you are inconveniencing them. They are the first impression a patron gets when entering your establishment, they need to be personable and friendly. Club XL nailed it making me feel welcomed and happy to be there.

I walked up the ramp into the venue. WOW! This place is frickin huge!

The bar is staffed with four bartenders and is designed to do what so many venue bars fail at: handle volume! Drinks at venues can often come with a higher price tag but there are plenty of craft pints available for just $6. I opted for my usual Bombay and Tonic which was only $7. That’s the same price I pay at any establishment (sometimes more) in Harrisburg so the price point for drinks was on point! I didn’t order any food (I’ve embraced veganism fully these days), but they had a huge grill fired up outside on the patio making burgers and dogs to order.

Speaking of the patio, awesome vibe.

The patio is built around a 200-year-old tree and feels like you are at the biggest house party in the area. Tons of seating and tables outside with several fire pits and cornhole (or baggo, depends on where you’re from I guess) boards set up that really gives the backyard BBQ vibe to it.

The patio has huge garage doors that open up to the venue dance floor. This place is massive. I was talking to Jesse from Assorted Studios and he ballparked the capacity at “around 1,100 or so.”

There are two VIP sections that offer bottle service, pool tables and one big, beautiful, impressive stage.

The background for the stage is a full LED display, the lighting system in here is the best I have seen in this area. You’d have to go to the Fillmore in Philly to see a lighting system like this. No other venue around here can touch this system. Of course, the performances are simulcast all through the venue on large flat screen TVs so you can see the performance from anywhere.

Lastly, I need to speak on the sound at this venue. I’ve known Jesse, owner of Assorted Studios, for years now. The guys there have a very special talent for sound. The bass bins that line the stage thump hard enough to move your hair off your head. It is loud without being obnoxious and the sound is crystal clear. An absolutely impressive sound experience that gives the artists on stage the ability to perform at their highest level while giving the patrons a high-quality listening experience.

Make sure you check out the Club XL website to check out their events list and go experience a higher quality of live music venue. Something our city has needed for years now.

Until next time keep it live and, keep it local!

Micah Jacobs
Author: Micah Jacobs

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