Shark Week 2018: The Lighter Side of Sharks

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There are two sides to every Shark Week.

One side is the educational, informative, and awe-inspiring. The other side deals with the more fantastic, fun, and lighter side of television.

No, it’s not Sharknado. These specials usually do still have *some* educational value to them.

Shark Week 2018: Shark School is in Session

While I was compiling my list of what to watch and populating my DVR with this year’s Shark Week specials, I couldn’t ignore highlighting a few of these wilder features.

These are the shows that encourage you to pour that second glass of wine or crack open that next beer. I mean, Gronk is in one of these for goodness sake. That fact alone should have you throwing on a Hawaiian shirt, puka necklace and grabbing that “I probably shouldn’t” beer.

Shark Week 2018 FULL Schedule

Now that you’re properly prepped, let’s check out the more E! News version of Shark Week. 

Shaq Does Shark Week

9 p.m., Sunday, July 22

Apparently, Shaq is afraid of sharks. Yes, even 7-foot tall future NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal is deathly afraid of sharks. No fear, Rob Riggle, comedian and ex-Navy Seal is here to help him out. The combo of Shaq and Riggle should make for a ridiculous adventure.

Ronda Rousey Uncaged

10 p.m., Sunday, July 22

Ronda Rousey has taken on all competitors, and now she’s ready to go round for round with a series of sharks. Rousey is coached by a former Navy diver on how to survive the “Main Event” when she steps out of the case to take on a Mako, the ultimate fighter of the sea.

Monster Tag

8 p.m., Monday, July 23

If you’re looking for the star-studded showcase, look no further. You’ve got Gronk, Aaron Rogers, and Lindsay Vonn working with shark scientists to tag sharks. The good thing about this special is that it seems like there are some redeeming qualities in that there is actual research being done, but you know Gronk will bring the something wild to the table.

Guy Fieri’s Feeding Frenzy

8 p.m., Tuesday, July 24

This special combines two of my favorite TV shows: Guy Fieri eating and sharks. Guy is heading to the Bahamas to not only check out the shark-rich waters around the island but to also feast on the local cuisine. I wonder if he’ll have sunglasses on the back of his head while he’s in the water?

Shark Tank Meets Shark Week

9 p.m., Wednesday, July 25

This something we’ve never seen before. With $30,00 on the line, The Sharks will each be assigned a shark-centric nonprofit, and they will have to learn everything they can about them before returning to pitch their nonprofit to their fellow Sharks. Personally, I hope we get to see Kevin O’Leary come face to face with a shark.

No matter the programming, Shark Week is so close to being back, and I can’t wait to kick back for a few hours a night and watch my favorite animals take over the screen.

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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