Boutique Shopping: Home Sweet (504) Home

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One of my favorite things about moving out was decorating my new place.

I found it super fun to mix and match prints and patterns, find pretty pieces of “art,” and load up on decorative candles and throw pillows to make my new blank space a cozy little home. Plus, I finally realized why everyone is obsessed with Joanna Gaines and was Googling ways to add shiplap to my apartment walls.

With this newfound love of interior design, I was excited to chat with Rebecca Werley, owner of home decor and design boutique, Sweet 504, in Camp Hill to see how she helps others create their own home sweet home.

sweet 504

HF: How do YOU describe the feel of your store?

RW: I would describe my shop as interesting and welcoming. Visually it looks like what it is – the marriage of a vintage shop and a trending home goods boutique. The goods feel, and are, carefully collected. The vibe is authentic and makes for a pleasurable shopping experience. I love spending time there! It’s a place of creativity and conversation.

Sweet 504 uses both new and vintage pieces to create a custom look. What do you look for when selecting pieces to bring into the store?

When hunting vintage and antique I look for useful, well-constructed, attractive lines, timeless and unique. I have no formal education in antiques. Pieces simply speak to me and it’s always been that way. I’ll take a new purchase home, research it, and find it’s something really worth having and notable in some way. People often ask “How did you find that?”

Whether thrifting, antiquing, or shopping new, I let my eyes drift slowly and try not to search to intensely. I’ve always got projects in mind when hunting so some items are destined for a design client rather than the shop, but the process is the same.

For sourcing new products, the same applies and then some. I follow trends but avoid trendy. Value and quality are important. Fair wages, work environment, natural materials/ingredients – all equally important. Sourcing locally as often as possible, knowing the person who made the product, supporting our local makers – is a key goal.

Our growing local selection of special custom collections and products include Quiet Clay ceramics, Lyes and Lathers soaps, Zestt Organics, Aurora Flame candles (supports efforts to end human trafficking), and more – that I love sharing with my customers.

sweet 504

What are your favorite decor trends right now?

Well, it’s seems that my style has found its place in the continuum! Blending old and new and varied styles is so in right now. That makes me happy because it means more and more people will be exposed to the idea of holding onto family heirlooms, finding new uses for old things, and being creative and fun in their approach to designing their homes. I appreciate Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc. as much as anyone. However, my approach is, layer those into your overall style, rather than taking them on as your entire design. And by all means! Before you make all of your purchase choices stop into a local shop like mine or the Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne. See if something not-so-mainstream speaks to you and make it your own.

sweet 504

Any tips you’d like to share?

I am obsessed with lighting, so the lighting explosion is fantastic. I feel like lighting options used to be limited and now there is so much to choose from and accessible. For even a basic refresh, swapping out lighting is easy, and people consider it just as they would consider new furniture. But don’t ditch the vintage lighting without careful thought! And if you are ready for something new, call me, I’ll likely take the vintage off your hands, and I always have a small selection of great new fixtures in the shop for you to check out.

Find Rebecca and her sweet style at 1849 Market Street (Rear) in Camp Hill.

Check out her Instagram for tips and tricks, too … her ideas and pieces are so Pintrest-worthy!

Author: Hope

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