It’s Time to Stock Your Beer Fridge for Football Season

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For us, when football is on, we have a beer in our hand.

Whether you’re out in the fields tailgating, posting up at the bar, or lounging on the couch, a cold beer is an integral part the football experience.

Since the start of football also signifies the onset of fall, and the bipolar weather it brings, your beer selection needs to be just as diverse.

From stouts to pilsners, IPAs to goses, and all else in between, each beer has its day in the sun or clouds during fall.

To help you prep you beer selection for any scenario that might hit you this football season, be sure to seek out the following beers this fall and football season.


Why we’re drinking them: Pilsners are an anytime beer. Pilsners are a football beer. They pair perfectly with your mound of nachos or a slice of the six-foot hoagie hanging off of someone’s truck bed at the tailgate. You can drink them all day (in moderation, yes), and still be able to make a last minute switch to your fantasy lineup if need be.

What we’re diggin’: Tröegs Independent Brewing Sunshine Pils, ZerØday Brewing Co. Pilsner, Victory Brewing Co. Prima Pils, Yuengling Golden Pils

Stouts + Porters

Why we’re drinking them: The first pull off a dark beer the second you hop out of the car on a crisp day while setting up a tailgate is magical. Did I paint the scene enough for ya there? Roasted malt shows off its flavors of chocolate, caramel, toffee, and ugh, it’s so good. Plus these beers make a perfect companion for Sloppy Joes, or anything covered and smothered in BBQ sauce, AMIRIGHT?

Problem is, some of these don’t come out for a month or so, but when they do, they hit the spot.

What we’re digging: Boneshire Brew Works English Curse, Tröegs Dead Reckoning (Jimi’s go-to fall beer), Lancaster Brewing Co. Milk Stout

Watering Holes that Run Deep with Black & Gold


thanksgiving beer

Why we’re drinking them: Because we never stop. Can’t stop, won’t stop. (Insert another cliche sounding saying here about not stopping). IPAs are always going to be around for us. We tend to have a variety at the beginning of the season (Hop Knife), but later in the season, there’s only one that has our heart. It’s Blizzard time. Seriously, we love this beer. There was a reason it was Sara’s first case post-pregnancy. Cheers to Blizzard and all the victories it shall bring.

What we’re digging: Blizzard (second-half of the season), Big Bottom Brewery B3 IPA, Pizza Boy Murren River or another Pizza Boy IPA, because lez-be-real, they are usually great.

Gose + Berliner Weiss

Why we’re drinking them: Because it can still be damn hot outside at the start of football season, and you need something refreshing. Now, it’s not the easiest to find these come the beginning of fall, but there are always some out there to snag and throw in the cooler or fridge. Plus, not many of these beers push the envelope when it comes to ABV, so you can enjoy a few while watching your fantasy football victories or demise.

What we’re digging: Dogfish Head SeaquenchBoneshire Brew Works Stole the Tart, Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Also to all you hardos out there that try to tell me I’m missing beers here, I’m sorry I didn’t include your #whalzbro hazy creamsicle quadruple dry-hopped juice bomb that has to be coddled and rocked the whole way home from the brewery, or it will blow up. These are real beers you won’t have to look too hard to find.

James Werner
Author: James Werner

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