A night you’ll never forget – REVIEW: Carrie the Musical at Open Stage

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With it being the spookiest month of the year, I decided to watch one scary movie every night in October.

However, because I live alone (technically, not alone because I have a dog/corgi), I found myself spending more time scrolling through Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime for a movie that was creepy and scary without being so terrifying that I wouldn’t be able to sleep than I did actually watching a movie.

Actually, I didn’t even watch a movie. So, I was ready for some scares when I saw “Carrie the Musical” at Open Stage of Harrisburg last weekend. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised … and creeped out.

As I shared in my preview, the musical is based on Stephen King’s “Carrie” and follows teenager Carrie White as she navigates the bullies of high school and deals with an extremely disturbing home life.

It may seem odd to transform a horror movie into a musical, but “Carrie” does it without watering down the creepiness.

I personally think high school and prom are the perfect settings for a horror movie, as they are terrifying enough in and of themselves and “Carrie” only kicks it up a notch. The taunting and tricks lead character Carrie (played perfectly by Kayla Brooks) endures from both her classmates and mother are cringe-worthy and will have you squirming in your seat.

The rest of the cast is fantastic and the “students” embody teenage angst, attitude and atrocity perfectly.

You’ll oddly find yourself rooting for Carrie and high school sweethearts Sue Snell (Vanessa Marie Hofer) and Tommy Ross (Ian Wallace) while rolling your eyes at bad girl Chris Hargensen’s (Maggie Haynes) queen bee attitude towards her classmates and rebel boyfriend Billy Nolan (Brad Barkdoll). 

Rachel Landon (Carrie’s mother Margaret White) and Alexis Dow Campbell (gym teacher Miss Collins) are so talented they could easily be on Broadway, and I enjoy any chance I get to see them perform. Rachel’s voice is so beautiful you almost forget she’s playing a deranged religious fanatic, she’s that good!

I’ve been to shows at Open Stage before but was amazed at the theatre’s transformation for this show. Rachel alluded to the show’s production value in our preview, but the show exceeded up my expectations. Everything about the production was top-notch. The sets, the choreography, the acting, the special effects — everything was outstanding. I love how intimate the theatre is, and you feel so close to the action and effects throughout the performance, especially during Sue’s Stranger Things-esque solo scenes that are peppered throughout the production.

If you’re interested in seeing Carrie, definitely consider going on Saturday, Oct. 20 for the theatre’s Prom night. Your ticket includes admission to the pre-show Prom party, complete with food and drinks, classic Prom music and cheesy photos. You’ll want to dress your best for a chance to win Prom King or Queen!

Carrie The Musical runs until Oct. 28 at Open Stage of Harrisburg, making it the perfect Halloween treat. Grab your tickets here.

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