Set the Table with Rosé and Cider this Thanksgiving

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Finding the perfect booze selection for your Thanksgiving gathering can put you in a pressure situation.

There are so many variables.

What if I bring the 10th bottle of red wine or what if bring the same beer as everyone else? Or, what if I bring something that no one drinks … and do I take it home if no one does? – No, that’s for the host.

If you’re in that situation, we have a few suggestions that will not only pair exceptionally well with Thanksgiving dinner but are also somewhat non-traditional routes that may raise some eyebrows and hopefully a few glasses around the table — local rosés and ciders.


When it comes to pairing wine with Thanksgiving, it can be tricky. Heavier wines can weigh down your palate and muddle everything together.

With rosés, you don’t have to worry about that. The higher acidity and fruity, earthy notes that will go nicely with all aspects of your dinner.

Plus, once the turkey has been carved, potatoes mashed, and yams … yammed, you’re probably so stuffed that a heavy red or filling beer could seem unappetizing.

Rosé can be the perfect refresher while finishing the dishes or if you need a little quiet time once everyone finally leaves.


First, if you want to #drinklocal, you can’t get much more local than cider.

With Apple Country under an hour away, we have a wealth of quality local options with something for every taste with styles ranging from very sweet to bone dry.

For Thanksgiving dinner, the drier the cider the better it will pair with the meal.

Flush with fresh, clean flavors and a higher-acidity, ciders — like rosé — can cut through a lot of the richer food options gathered on the table and cleanse your palate with every sip.

Not to mention, ciders usually clock in at a lower-ABV, which is good because, for some of us, Thanksgiving is a marathon and not a sprint.

What to drink

Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery Rosé

This dry rosé can be the perfect first drink of the day to keep it light or a refreshing reprieve when trying to decide if you’re going back for seconds (or thirds). Waltz’ rosé has fruity notes of cherry and strawberry.

Allegro Winery Prelude

Allegro’s rosé is comprised of a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for a dry and fruity wine that pairs with after-dinner games, football, and even a piece of chocolate or two.

Ploughman Cider Pinot N’ Arlet

A wild yeast fermented cider that looks like a rosé but drinks like a cider. Ploughman ages this blend of rustic and sweet Macoun and Arlet apples on local Pinot Noir grape skins for a crisp and dry cider that is extremely food friendly.

Big Hill Ciderworks Little Round Hop

Readily available in most places that sell six-packs, this might be the option that your resident craft beer drinker might look for at the end of the night. Big Hill dry-hops this cider with Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops to bring even more citrusy brightness to this dry cider.

Grand Illusion Hard Cider Street Magic

Bring the flavors of summer to the table and forget that it’s 40 degrees outside with this sweet and tart grapefruit cider that is a punch of tropical notes and aromas. To pack even more citrus flavor into every sip, Grand Illusion dry-hops this cider with a combination of Citra and Centennial hops.

Use this cider as a palate cleanser in the middle of the day or while snacking on crackers and cheese while the bird is in the oven.

Zeroday Brewing Co. ZerØsé

Yes, this is a beer … kind of. It’s technically a malt beverage that uses a special blend of grapes handpicked by Stone and Key Cellars added directly to the unfermented wort. ZerØday then pitched in their house champagne yeast and let the magic happen to create an effervescent drink.

These all should be widely available, but we hope even if you can’t find these, that they might spark a bit of inspiration to bring something a little different, but still local to share around the table this year.

This by no means is an “end all, be all” list of local rosés and ciders. It’s just some of the ones were digging, and if you invite us over, there’s a chance we have one of these in tow.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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