Survive the Holidays with these Travel + Party Essentials

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Tis the season! The holidays are upon us, and your inbox is starting to fill with party invites and emails from mom asking when you’re coming home.

In the northeast, the winter season means that humidity we complain about all summer is woefully missed — our skin is parched, our fingertips perpetually cold — and that’s before we’re sipping champagne cocktails at weeknight office parties or spending a day in an airport or on the road.

Not to mention, all of this travel and go-go-go is probably affecting our sleep cycle, which apparently further affects dehydration.


I’m a LaCroix loyalist (though generally seltzer curious — super digging this Polar Seltzer right now), but sparkling water isn’t as easy to down in 1 L increments, so when I’m on the road with the team or traveling, I opt for Smartwater or recently, Flow Alkaline Spring Water.

Flow’s ph and natural electrolytes help balance acidity in your body and keep you hydrated and focused. Plus, the tetra boxes are recycled, so it’s a very feel-good thing happening. Extra bonus: If you are bored by the taste of plain water, Flow has several flavor options. The lemon & ginger is in my Amazon Subscribe & Save.

If you’re super parched and need a jumpstart, I’ve used these Nuun tablets in a glass of filtered tap (regular tap is fine, obvi) water.

A refillable bottle you can tote with you, stash in your purse, or keep in your car also is key whether you’re bar-hopping or traversing the turnpike.


Hydration is key for your body to function, and doing so will help your skin, but let’s be real – we all could use a little help. I’m obsessive about lotions, and I’ve tried so many.

No one wants to hear this, but the absolute best body lotion I’ve ever used is Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair. I know you want something sexier, more expensive, but this stuff works. And it doesn’t have that weird smell of the ones in the yellow bottle that remind you of your grandparents. (No, just me?).

Post-baby this transformed the paper maché of my deflated stomach into normal skin in DAYS. Same with rough patches on the heels of my feet. I am not kidding. True believer. And it costs less than your favorite handcrafted beverage. I also use it as a hand cream and occasionally as a finisher on the ends of my hair all the time (yes really). I have a dedicated bottle for my overnight bag so I’m never without.

Of course, moisturizer is key for your face too, and I’ll get to that next.

Beauty Routine

I might be over here writing about beer and throwing happy hour events, but I’m also skimming health and beauty blogs and following wellness brands on Instagram. I was raised to take care with my skin, and as I approach a big round 4-0, it’s even more important that I’m doing the above (in addition to exercise, which you can expect to see more about in 2019), and a decent beauty routine rounds it out.

There are a few items I am always using.

  1. Moisturizing or exfoliating cleanser. Right now I’m using this in the morning, and this at night. The Cerave is always in my shower; I buy a big bottle at BJs. If I don’t use a daily scrub, I am sure to exfoliate 1-3 times a week.
  2. Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner (I’m currently using Coconut, and I’m totally digging their travel wipes, but I also love the Cucumber and Rose scents.)
  3. In the last year+, I’ve become a serum/oil lover. It started with Kiehl’s, but I’m currently using this highly rated bargain via Amazon.
  4. Eye cream. But I’m still looking for the best one. I just ordered The Ordinary Caffeine Solution. Spam me with your go-tos.
  5. Moisturizer. Again, not quite brand loyal. I actually love this drugstore score, but not the packaging — it’s super wasteful, and I never feel like I can get everything out of the bottle. At night, I like a super rich cream, so I’m giving Weleda Skin Food a try.
  6. Face masks. At least once a week or when I’m feeling lazy, I skip steps 2-5 and opt for a mask. I alternate through a few, but you really can’t get a better deal than sheet masks. Cheap, fun + easy — Peruse IG for 10 min, then toss and rub the extra into your skin. Voila! I always toss a few in my travel bag to share with my sister or a friend!


About a year ago, I pledged to make sleep more of a priority, and I swear it actually does make a difference. I’m a person who can totally survive on like 5-6 hours of sleep, but I really don’t like to do that anymore. As a new mom, it’s rarely a consistent overnight sleep, but 8 hours is #goals.

That said, that means things like saying no thank you to “one more drink” and indulging in a nightly pre-bed routine that I enjoy, including more water, vitamins and my allergy meds.

When I was pregnant, I actually slept the best ever in my life thanks to this routine, which also helped me knock out my reading goals for the year. And some of the little things, like this sleep mask, is necessary for travel — but I depend on it at home every night now, too.

I’m not super into the whole essential oil thing, but I do love these Happy Spritz sprays. I swear by Breathe Deeply, and Sweet Dreams Darling is even safe for the dog — plus they also come in wipes.

Want to check out these and other picks? Shop my storefront.

All of the above are affiliate links, but they are all products I legit own/use/love. If you happen to make any purchases via these links, I’ll make a couple cents, and that’s cool. Rock on + thank you. 

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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