A Manly Makeover: Intern Jimi’s Gift Guide For Men

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It’s no secret that most men don’t take the time or make the effort to take skin care and other wellness elements seriously.

We mostly do the “it’s what’s easiest” or “that’s what I’ve always done” routine instead of actually making an effort to find something better.

I know, I was there and made the same excuses, but recently I changed my routine, and I have never felt better.

Heads up, guys, it’s not that hard.

And, if you’re shopping for one of “these guys” this holiday season and are stumped as to what to put under the tree, maybe a few gifts can help nudge him in the right direction.

Let’s start here. I’m no expert. But over the last few months I have been trying out new skincare, shaving, and overall wellness methods and routines with a series of products, and these have been my favorites.

Shaving kit

Even if your guy thinks he can’t grow a beard, he needs a good shaving kit. Keeping those pesky chin and neck hairs in check shouldn’t be an afterthought.

I mean, you’re taking sharp razors to your face, there should be more thought to it than, “eh, those are cheap.”

I use Harry’s Razors. They aren’t crazy expensive, but they are awesome. Every time I’m left with a smooth shave, and you can even get the blades in a subscription service.

Next, it’s the shaving cream. I used to solely use Barbasol, and it was … fine.

Now, after getting Proraso Shaving Cream in a Birchbox Men a few months ago, I’ll never go back to the can. Yes, it is a little pricey for shaving cream compared to a can of Barbasol or Gilette, but it’s so worth it.

Once applied, the blades just glide over the skin and leave it smooth. Plus, it smells awesome.

Finally, it’s time for recovery. This is one part of the process I never did until recently.

I use Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Scrub to feel fresh AF after every shave. A mix of caffeine and menthol along with apricot scrub particles leave you feeling refreshed even if you have the baby face going on.

On the go

One of my excuses for slacking in the skincare department was lack of time in front of the sink/mirror.

Daily life still gets in the way, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise.

These days, I  like to keep a few “on-the-go” items handy that I can use in a pinch. Each has a different purpose and while he might not realize it right now, these will be welcomed additions to his backpack, briefcase or gym bag.

Duke Cannon Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels are legit.

Duke Cannon worked with the U.S. Military to create a simple way for soldiers in the field to cool down and recover without a fuss.

I love using these especially when it’s hot out, but they also come in handy to cool down after a sweat at the gym.

While those are “100” for a quick refresher, it doesn’t do much in cleaning. That’s where Oars + Alps Cooling + Cleansing wipes come in.

They have “blue ice crystals” that cool the skin like the Duke Cannons, but a mix of caffeine and ginseng root along with a coarse side help wipe away dirt.

Another “I didn’t know I needed this” product is Ursa Major’s 4 in 1 Essential Face Tonic. I love this.

Stick with me, because this guy does a lot.

Bamboo and birch sap firm tired skin and regulate an oil-free shine, citrus extracts purify the skin while exfoliating, and a combination of witch hazel, aloe, and willow bark alleviate irritation.

Combining these three will give your guy an arsenal of quick-use products that will always leave him feeling fresh.

It’s the little things

These next items don’t have to deal with personal care so much, but they can be the difference between him feeling good and feeling like he can take on the world.

A nice belt.

Take a look at his belts. Look at the holes. How worn are they? Next, does it fit him or is it on the last hole, for better or worse?

A new belt is not only practical but also fashionable.

Socks on socks

Patterned socks get noticed. Socks can be so boring, but finding a few fun prints not only gives him something creative to do with his wardrobe, it personalizes the gift too.

My favorite socks right now are kelly green with Golden Retriever puppies donned with red bows. Yes, you will see me wearing these at all holiday events.

Cologne that doesn’t smell like the boy’s locker room.

This is what I look for in all my products. I’m over walking through a cloud of Axe or Old Spice. Sorry, freshmen girlfriend, I know you like the smell of Phoenix, but that’s done.

You want him to smell good. He wants to smell good. But, there’s a chance he’s not dropping the money on himself to buy nice cologne.

I struggled with ponying up the money when I bought my latest bottle, but I’m glad I did.

My choice is Clean Shower Fresh, and that’s just how it smells, clean. It’s a scent that’s not overpowering, and it doesn’t smell like his dad or your grandpa.

It has a “just stepped out of the shower” smell no matter where you are.

Let them choose

A lot of these products of highlighted have come by way of Birchbox Man.

Birchbox Man is a subscription service that delivers samples of products to your door every month. I’ve received products ranging from dietary supplements to hair gel in my boxes.

I want to buy products that work without a lot of fuss, and getting these samples in Birchbox every month helps me test out what works for me.

Even if they stick with their usual regiment while testing out the products in each box, they might eventually find something they can’t pass up.

These aren’t drastic changes. Even if you don’t see an “aha” gift idea right here, maybe it sparks a bit of inspiration on what to grab and stow under the tree from Santa this year.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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