Patio drinks made for the warm weather

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It seems like the weather might finally begin to cooperate on a regular basis, and it’s time to break out the patio furniture and sip in the sunshine.

A day drinking on the patio is a day well spent. While we’ll never tell you not to “do you” when it comes to your drink preference, there are a few ways we’re flowing with our warm weather drink choices.

Lagers + Pils

On a hot day, the refreshment of a crisp pilsner is unmatched.

Beer that tastes like beer, as we like to say. In the hazy IPA and cookie, syrup, sprinkly stout hype of recent years, classic lager and pilsner styles got a bad rap for being “too bland” or “boring.”

Breweries are starting to embrace these styles again. Some are foregoing just another IPA so that they can get a craft lager on tap, and local drinkers are reaping the rewards.

Ways to go:

Rosé alllll day (and we mean that)

Are you even surprised?

Rosé is one of our favorite warm-weather drinks.

Before you invite your wine buddy over for an afternoon of “tea” and wine, make sure you have enough.

Grab a box. Yes, a box.

If you haven’t realized, boxed wine isn’t what it used to be. Many brands are opting for the convenient and economical box to showcase their wines.

Good for us!

There are two we really like that fit the bill.

Bota Box Dry Rosé is the go-to and the cheaper option. It’s not going to blow you away but it also won’t leave you longing for something else. Chilled to the right temp, this is refreshing and

Arrumaco Garnacha Rosé de Espana– I LOVE Spanish wines and Garnacha (Grenache) grapes have notes of jammy berries, a bit of spice and cherry.

Crook & Marker Hard Seltzer

I’m putting Crook & Marker in the “don’t knock it til you try it” category. I wasn’t sure what to expect with these, mainly because I’ve never been a hard seltzer fan, but they are DELICIOUS.

Plus, they are extremely light and refreshing which makes them perfect sippers on warmer days.

This is more than just about the flavor, too.

Crook & Marker is made with organic alcohol, has zero sugars, and doesn’t use any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

This means while you’re getting that summer bod ready, you can still enjoy a few drinks that are full of flavor.

Flavors for all

  • Black Cherry
  • Tangerine
  • Strawberry Lemon
  • Blackberry Lime
  • Grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Coconut Pineapple

Local craft spirits

It used to be that local spirits were the usual vodka, gin, rum, and moonshine. Now, as the market evolves, local distilleries are expanding their offerings.

Blue Agave Spirit from Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works

Available in both blanco and reposado, Tattered Flag’s “Pennsylvania Tequila” is a company fave. It’s bright with floral notes that are perfect for a marg on the patio.

Or, if you’re like me, a nice shot with a lime while sipping on one of the pilsners we mention above would be ?.

Flavored Vodka from Dead Lightning Distillery

Dead Lightning has made their mark on the local spirits game with their line of delicious flavored vodka. With flavors like mango, orange strawberry, and black cherry, you’re sure to find your go-to summer drink.

I’m thinking about picking up the mango or orange and just adding it to my favorite seltzer for quick easy drinks.

The boss lady is obsessed with the Grapefruit, which she says tastes like you poured good vodka all over your morning grapefruit.

Easy-drinking cider

We’re in a great spot for cider. Right in the middle of the fruit belt are a variety of great cideries, and in the summer they become even more readily available.

Ploughman Cider

Ploughman gets all its apples from a single source, Three Springs Fruit Farm in Adams County.

With a rotating lineup of dry ciders, Ploughman always has something refreshing and delicious at the ready.

If you need some direction, give their Lupulin Lummox dry-hopped cider a go or Rosedale cider with crabapples.

Grand Illusion Hard Cider

Grand Illusion’s Street Magic grapefruit cider would make for the perfect pool drink. Crisp with just a bit of pucker followed up with a citrusy zip, it screams warm weather drink.

Their Blue Illusion Blueberry Cider and Mystic Citra Pineapple Cider should be on your short lists this season as well.

What are you drinking in the warmer weather?

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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