6 podcasts to binge now

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Keep the TV off. Turn the podcasts on.

One of Sara’s tips for working from home is to not turn on the TV. Seriously, just don’t. Once you do, it can be a slippery slope down a hole of reality TV shows or pointless movies.

If you still need to get some entertainment/media into your routine, podcasts can easily replace the TV.

Those who know me know I love a good podcast. I show no preference to sports, news, comedy, or the just plain wacky. If there are people talking around a mic, I’m in.

Below are ones that are in my current rotation whether that be daily or weekly.

If you’re looking for more or these don’t tickle your fancy, I have another post from a few years ago that has a few more of my faves.

Up First

Turning on Up First has become part of my morning ritual.

  1. Yell at Alexa to turn off the alarm
  2. Pour coffee
  3. Turn on Up First

It’s a 15-minute podcast that hits on the important news of the day. Stay up to date and informed while not wasting much time.

This American Life

Ira Glass and his team have this knack for taking an idea like delight, sex, or death and pinpointing poignant stories from normal people around the country.

One of the most recent ones that stuck with me was one about death. Specifically, about how it impacts the people around us after we’re gone.

If that’s a little grim for the current climate, I suggest starting with the “Delights” episode.


If you’re looking to turn your brain off for a little while and laugh, this is your show. The three co-hosts bumble their way through different hypothetical situations, would you rathers, and other fun prompts.

Andy, Mike, and Jason are best friends who have no trouble giving each other a hard time.

Every episode ends with a draft where they pick the best from a topic. Past topics included the best states, worst things to put in a smoothie, and a Battle Royale with Disney characters.

Monster: D.C. Sniper

The Monster series continues with the story of the D.C. Sniper who terrorized the DMV area for months in 2002.

On this podcast, you get unreal access to new information, interviews, and a lot more exclusive content.

Breaking Brand

Okay, so this might only be for the marketing people out there, but I think that the story has a wide appeal.

Breaking Brand details the company evolution of Pattern Brands. Pattern is a lifestyle brand that recently launched a set of pots and pans, but the story and the brand are much more than that.

Hall of Shame

Get your sports fix with a side of comedy. Hall of Shame is a weekly podcast about wild, crazy sports stories that you’ve probably never heard.

Hosts Rachel and Rachna bring great chemistry and levity to stories like a marathon scandal and 10-cent beer night in Cleveland.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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