Be a ‘BOSS BUNNY’: Bronzed Bunny PA

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Bellini in one hand.
Michael Scott on the TV.
Good vibes.
No pants.

That’s my new once-a-month routine at Bronzed Bunny in Camp Hill.

Bronzed Bunny is a new salon off of Erford Road that offers spray tans, sugar hair removal, body sculpting, and more.

I’ve been enjoying spray tans at BB so far, perfecting a glow for my Launch Party earlier this year. And for the first time (in my life) — I also went for sugaring services.

Things to know about sugaring:

  • No mess, no strips, no burning wax
  • organic, hygienic, and clean — and fast!
  • continued sugaring will slow hair return
  • options: bikini, barely there, full brazilian

If these services interest you, there’s an easy way to make this part of your routine — Become a member.

I have the combo membership, and I love that I can be in-and-out in less than an hour — in fact probably close to 30 min if I hadn’t also shopped for new sunnies (BB also carries some cute merchandise — discounted for members!)

Membership PERKS

  • spray tan, sugar, or combo packages available
  • services ROLL OVER
  • extras like 10% off other BB services, merch
  • free brow service on your bday

Pretty Important Questions

Real questions; real answers

Q: Did it hurt?
A: Not really. The only time I said a small “ow” was going over the part where my c-section scar is. Because even though that thing is 2.5 years old, it’s still weird.

Q: Was it embarrassing to be half-naked in front of a stranger?
A: Well, BB’s employees are awesome, first of all, and once you go a time or two they’re not so much strangers. If you want to (and you’re just getting a bikini), you can keep your undies on. They also offer a “muff wipe” so you can feel fresh before baring all. Then you cover with a small towel til she returns to the room. Dani did my sugaring, and she made me feeling completely comfortable. They’ve seen it all, so there’s nothing really to fret about. We all have parts.

Q: Spray tan – are you orange?
A: I am not orange. The first two times I did the spray tan I chose “medium” to ease into it, but my skin tone is a bit darker and can handle more pigment, so this time I chose dark. I’m lazy so I get the traditional, which you keep on for 8 hours. If you’re in a hurry, there’s a speedier version so you can shower sooner.

Q: Do these services require any prep by you?
A: Before you spray tan, you want to shower and exfoliate. Wear loose clothing, and skip the bra. For sugaring, you want to stay away from the razor for 10 days beforehand (though they can work with you even if it’s not quite been that long!)

Bronzed Bunny
? 83 Erford Road, Camp Hill

Follow: @bronzedbunnypa on IG and FB

P.S. It’s the only one on the east coast!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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