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It’s the same old story these days, isn’t it? We’ve been stuck at home for a long time. Trips to the grocery store and other necessary errands are unusually stressful. You’re ordering too much online, you’re zoom-ed out, and well, you’re ready for a break.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t exactly made this the most productive quarantine, either. Honestly, between managing a toddler, maintaining the house, and my work — I have little left to give.

A lot of days have been stressful — on top of managing daily life — whether it’s because of the news, social media drama, or the real-life effects of losing clients, watching small local businesses change or close, or seeing friends or family suffer.

Despite my childhood nostalgia of a post-drive-thru lollipop, going out to do banking simply is not on my priority list.

Fortunately, Members 1st Federal Credit Union is making this part of my life much simpler.

Easy to join

It was so easy to open a new account. It took just three easy steps, including sharing a digital photo of my driver’s license, which then automatically populated and verified my information!

I opted for Members 1st digital banking and a checking account (with debit card), so I can easily monitor my finances and use the account with ease.

Within a few minutes, my account was ready to go. I created an account online, which enables me to bank digitally. Then, I downloaded the Members 1st app for my phone.

Easy to use

Because my schedule is so odd these days (working early, working late), access to Members 1st online banking has been key — it’s always open!

Mobile banking (with the app) has been a huge help for me when I’m wrangling a toddler and can’t be at my laptop.

My favorite part is the mobile deposits. Instead of driving to a branch (though there is one quite close to me!), I can simply deposit my check through the mobile app. It’s fast, safe, and free for eligible members!

Once I take a couple of quick photos of my check and select the account I want, I tap “submit,” — and my money appears in my account! Honestly, it just doesn’t get any easier. And I don’t even have to leave my house.

Stress-free digital banking

Being able to bank online with Members 1st Federal Credit Union has relieved what would be yet another additional stressor.

Not to mention, being able to #StayHome yet still manage my finances also takes the burden off of Members 1st branches — making wait times easier for everyone.

My next “project”? Updating my budget to balance cooking at home with curbside takeout from a few local restaurants, supporting my favorite local businesses, and maybe even a few small home improvement projects that have been driving me crazy since we’ve been home nonstop  — a great opportunity to check out Home Equity Loan options with Members 1st.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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