The Four Beers of the Pandemic

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It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I’m drinking beer.

I’ve had my fair share of beer during this pandemic. I mean, c’mon, it’s hard not to crave a beer when the doom and gloom of Twitter and podcasts are swirling on a constant basis. You can’t even wind down with TV half the time because everything you HAVE to watch causes anxiety or stress.

I have been pretty good Monday through Friday. Very few beers before 6 p.m., and I’ll pat myself on the back for that. After 6 p.m., however, it’s usually a shower beer, beer while cooking, and then something to end the night.

The weekend could see anything from a Zoom beer with friends in France at 9 a.m. to absolutely nothing at all. It’s always unpredictable, but so are the current times we’re in.

Going through this I’ve found there are four “beers” that I like. No, these aren’t specific beers, but more time-of-day beer. Also, yes, I’ve had my go-tos, which I’ll detail as well.

Shower beer

I think I really struggled the first week of all of this. I am a creature of routine, and the abrupt shift in lifestyle threw me off.

Now, I have it down to where I look forward to certain parts of my day. Like that 9 a.m. coffee break post-workout while catching up on podcasts.

Or like my 6-6:30ish shower beer. It’s my moment of zen for the day. Music or podcasts are on. The shower is usually scorching, and I’m coming down off my second workout.

That Miller Lite hits different through the sweat, suds, and water running down your face. Yes, I said Miller Lite. It’s refreshing AF.

Other shower beers have included Yuengling’s Golden Pils or Tröegs Perpetual. I always opt for something easy to drink and something that I won’t mind if a little bit of soap finds its way in.

Cooking beer

While I usually am a cook-with-wine person, I haven’t had much on hand over the last few months.

My cooking buddy has become whatever “nice” bottle or can is lurking in the fridge that I’ve been putting off drinking.

You know, the one that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, which now seems like it will never come or it has passed already.

A few weeks ago, I was happy to accept a delivery from Free Will Brewing Co. of four bottles of what they do best: sour beers, saisons, and wild-fermented beers. Those have been cooking beer saviors. I even try to pair my dishes around the beers.

My favorite so far has been the Saison 1378. It was bright, flavorful, and a tiny bit funky. Want to give it a try? Good news! Free Will is shipping throughout PA now!

Virtual Happy Hour Beer

How much time have you spent video chatting over the last few months?

People want to connect. I’ve talked with friends on video chat that I haven’t seen since college. My local group of friends also has a standing happy hour every Friday.

When it’s time to happy hour, I like to treat it as if I were out at a bar with a craft beer, usually a new IPA. Recently it’s been the new weekly IPA from Ever Grain Brewing Co.

Quarantine favorites have been Green Iguana, Cloudy Comet, and Soleado.

I’ve also dabbled with Perpetual (shocker), Boneshire Brew Works Green Machine, and one time I actually got crazy with a Four Loko during our “Virtual Prom” a few weeks back.

The One That’s Not A Beer

Of course, beer is what I gravitate towards. It will always be my first choice, but it will never be my only choice.

Over the last few months, it’s been a mixture of wine, spirits, mead, and seltzers. Seriously, if there is anything more refreshing than a cheap shower beer, it’s a fizzy light seltzer.

I like trying new things and during quarantine, I’ve delved into the world of mead. A friend gifted us some Haymaker Meadery mead, and it’s completely changed my opinion on the beverage.

If you’re thinking of a sickly sweet drink, think again. Haymaker does have some sweeter meads, but most are off-dry, especially their session meads which come in varieties using ingredients like grapes, hops, and plums.

Honorable mention: Social Disty Beer

My neighbor and I have become quite chummy during this pandemic. He’s a retired older gentleman who enjoys a beer no matter the time of day. Last week he put a beer at the end of his driveway as I was taking the trash out, and told me to partake in a “social disty” with him.

Now, if he’s outside, he’ll ask if I want a social disty, and it’s hard to say no to Kurt.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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