Grilling season must-haves from Hummer’s

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Food on grill | R.G. Hummer Meats & Cheese | Broad Street Market | Harrisburg PA

R.G. Hummer Meats & Cheese at Broad Street Market is your one-stop shop all season long.

The smell of the grill is one of summer’s simple pleasures. A quick whiff of propane or charcoal, followed by the sound and smell of meats sizzling away practically defines summer.

Everyone always wants something different when grilling. Two dogs, three burgers, chicken, and did I hear something ask for a hot sausage?

Don’t fret. Your grill shopping is about to get much easier.

Hummer’s in the Broad Street Market is always stocked with burgers, dogs, sausages, and so much more for the ultimate grill feast.

Hummer’s Grill Bundle

Make one pick-up and you have your next few grilling sessions set. A Grill Bundle from Hummer’s gets you a large quantity of meat you need for a small price, and it’s available in two sizes.

Small Grill Bundle
includes 3 pounds each

  • Chicken Legs
  • Delmonico Steaks
  • Center Cut Pork Chops
  • Country Style Ribs
  • ground beef
  • regular hot dogs

Large Grill Bundle
includes 5 pounds each

  • Chicken Legs
  • Delmonico Steaks
  • Center Cut Pork Chops
  • Country Style Ribs
  • Beef Patties
  • Jumbo Hot Dogs
  • Country Sausage

The bundles don’t stop there. Hummer’s has six bundles including their All Poultry Bundle, Family Bundle, and Steak Lovers Bundle.

Call 717-232-4150 to get more info and order your bundle now!

Best burgers ever?

Hummer’s always has you covered if you need ground beef to make your own burger concoctions. Or, you can go with their premade patties available fresh or frozen all summer long.

While we’ll never say no to a classic burger, Hummer’s has something special that needs to be on the menu this summer.

Beef Brisket Burgers.

Made with 100 percent beef brisket, you might not want to eat a regular burger again. These can sell out so be sure to get there early in the week or call ahead to order.

If you have a brisket burger or any burger, you’re going to want some cheese. Hummer’s has you there, too. With countless options, you can get as wild as you want with your toppings.

Hummer’s also offers several styles of bacon to take your burger to the next level.

More to grill

Each week, Hummer’s cases are filled with fresh sausages. You can find Hot and Sweet Italian, smoked sausages, and sometimes even specialty links like their maple blueberry sausage or fresh kielbasa.

Treat yo self! Burgers and dogs are great, but sometimes a summer night calls for something a little more special. Steaks, pork chops, and ribs are always available, but be sure to look out for specials like lamb and aged ribeyes.

Hummer’s staff is always available to help. If you’re unsure about a cut of meat or how to prepare it, just ask!

R.G. Hummer Meats & Cheese is currently open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday & Friday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday at Broad Street Market in Midtown Harrisburg.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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