Do good, feel good: HOLLA Spirits

Support local + support local -- how 'bout that? Check out HOLLA Spirits line of vodkas and how they're giving back to the community.

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HOLLA spirits vodka on table

This spring, HOLLA Spirits was on the cusp of shipping out a full warehouse of spirits to Pennsylvania Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores.

Then, the shutdown happened and those bottles sat waiting.

Fortunately, that didn’t stop the HOLLA team from taking action over the last few months. Since they already had the ability to ship spirits to Pennsylvania residents, they chose to use these funds to make a direct impact.

Sara Bozich pouring HOLLA spirits into a cup

HOLLA For Heroes

Giving back is an important value for HOLLA, and through their HOLLA 4 Heroes program, they are able to support charitable causes across the country — from THON to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

When the hospitality industry came to a crashing halt in March, HOLLA jumped into action to raise money for those who needed it. For a few months, a portion of their sales were donated to charities that supported hospitality workers.

HOLLA 4 Heroes allows HOLLA to react to the current climate and make an impact.

Last month, HOLLA released a full statement detailing their stance and actions as a company in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the statement, they announced that the HOLLA 4 Heroes program would be directed to aid race relations efforts through various organizations.

They also showed up locally. HOLLA made a considerable contribution to Harris Family Brewery during their GoFundMe drive to become the first black-owned brewery in PA.

HOLLA Spirits on table with lemons

On to the (HOLLA) spirits

You can buy HOLLA Spirits online from the comfort of your home (and ships fast!) — AND, you also can find HOLLA in more than 150 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores across Pennsylvania.

They have a growing line of fresh, fun flavors from Peanut Butter to Paw Paw, plus “classics” like original, lemon, and orange.

Shop HOLLA Spirits online now!

Bonus: HOLLA pouches make a great packable addition to your picnic, tailgate, or vacation. Skip the breakable glass — plus, the easy-pour spout makes refills a breeze.

Want a wild flavor but aren’t sure what to make with it? HOLLA gives you easy, approachable recipes for each of their spirit flavors.

You probably can guess what to do with flavors like Lemon’s End and Thirsty, Orange Ya?, but what about their new Paw Paw flavor? Try a Paw Paw Mule!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more HOLLA Spirits recipes, like this one.

Follow HOLLA Spirits on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their projects and new flavors!

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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