Shark Week 2020: Jimi’s Top Picks

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Shark Week 2020

Fins up. DVRs at the ready. Shark Week is back!

Shark Week 2020 is here.

We all need things to look forward to right now. For some, it’s the return of sports. Others might have used the day they could get a haircut as their proverbial day of rejoicing.

For some of us, it’s waiting two days to get that new set of drinking glasses in the mail, only to find out when they get here, they’re actually plastic, but you’re too lazy to send them back so now you have a 12-pack of plastic cups like you’re back in fucking college. At least they won’t break.

Unlike, that unfortunate glassware mix-up that happened to “a friend,” Shark Week never disappoints.

A Great White seemingly defying gravity as it lunges for its mid-afternoon seal snack will never not amaze. Each year brings new experiments, new thrills, and new ways to plug any celebrity they can. This year is no different.

Oh, and we can’t forget about this gem!

Shark Week Drinking Game

Because it makes it that much better.

  • Any time someone is referred to as a shark expert – ?
  • If they successfully tag a shark – ?
  • Any time something makes you say “NOPE!” – ?
  • Any time a celebrity gets in the water – ??
  • If someone says “shark-infested waters” – ??
  • When someone does anything for the first time – Play “Never Have I Ever” and the loser drinks (if with your crew) or just ??
  • If someone calls a shark a “beauty” – ??? because it’s been a while since someone talked to you like that
  • First Andy Casagrande sighting (per episode) – ???
  • Shark breach – ? the whole time the shark is out of the water (slow-mo beware)

Without Shark Week, 2020 would seem even more of a loss than it already is. Because the people at Discovery love us, it seems like this year’s shark-tastic voyage will be one of its best.

The weeklong barrage of shark programming starts Sunday, Aug. 8. Here are my can’t miss or DVR-worthy shows to take in.

What to Watch

These shows are in Jimi-order. Meaning how important and exciting they are to me. You may have different opinions, but it’s okay to be wrong.

Will Smith: Off the Deep End
9 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 11

I almost entitled this post “Gettin’ Sharky With It,” but I know that the boss would not approve. But yes, The Fresh Prince, Big Willie Style, William Smith is in this year’s Shark Week and you can bet your boy is gonna be front and center.

Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach-Off
8 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 8

Air Jaws has to be one of the highlights of any Shark Week. This year, it seems that it’s going all-in to catch as many breaches as they can. Sign. Me. Up.

Mako Nation
10 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 13

This is the first look at our boy Andy Casagrande during Shark Week 2020. He’s diving into the waters with Mako Sharks to find out as much as he can about these fast predators. Mako Sharks are one of my favorites and adding Andy just makes it that much better.

Alien Shark: First Contact
8 p.m., Friday, Aug. 14

I look forward to the Alien Shark shows every year since they debuted a few years ago. I love seeing the weird sharks come up from the deep, and this year’s episode seems to have quite a few newbies in the nets.

Sharks of Ghost Island
8 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 15

Researchers head to Ghost Island in the Bermuda Triangle to find out why so many sharks congregate around this small patch of land in the Caribbean.

Tyson vs Jaws
9 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 8

It’s a good thing sharks don’t have ears for this episode. You might have heard that Iron Mike is making his much why-is-he-doing-this return to the ring, but now that you know he’s been training with sharks, it makes total sense. Watch Mike Tyson take on a Black Tip Reef Shark in the name of research.

Jaws Awakens
10 p.m., Monday, Aug. 10

The shark they are looking for is named Fred. Need I say more? Yes, that’s his name, but he is also considered to be the largest male Great White ever recorded at 20 feet long!

Jaws in America
9 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 13

Snoop Dogg is in this one, and if it’s anything like his Plizzanet Earths of the past, this is going to be a must-watch. Snoop talks with shark experts and reacts to viral shark videos in an episode that is made for our drinking game.

There are 24 new Shark Week episodes in total throughout the entire week! Plus, you can relive all the episodes from past Shark Weeks during the week starting on Saturday, Aug. 8.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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