Your Guide to Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market

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Broad Street Market at holidays | Midtown Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Fall at Broad Street Market offers up a new season of sights, smells, and flavors from its varied vendors.

Root veggies, pumpkins, and mums will start to show right on schedule. Food vendors will break out autumnal specials, and we’ll get cozy with hot cups of coffee or cocoa as we peruse the historic buildings.

Reminder: Broad Street Market requires all visitors to wear a mask when in and around the market. Please be safe and patient with the vendors during your trip!

Here’s what to look for at Broad Street Market this fall.

A trip around the Market

The Brick Building: Broad Street Market

Start your trip off the best way possible at Elementary Coffee Co. Grab your choice of caffeine, whether a hot, house-roasted coffee or their variety of specialty drinks.

I’m a matcha lover, so I keep an eye on when The Swamp Thing returns (pro tip: add an espresso shot). For autumnal flavors (that isn’t a PSL), order the Hop Scotch.

Brick Building at the Historic Broad Street Market | Eight Oaks Distillery | Elementary Coffee Co.
Please note this image was taken (by me) prior to the pandemic. Please wear your mask when visiting the Broad Street Market.

While you patiently wait in line, treat yourself to a donut from Eva.nilla (and maybe a box to take home). Then do an about-face to grab a bottle (or a quick tasting?) with Eight Oaks Farm Distillery. Best known for their applejack, but I’ve got a bottle of their Pinot Bourbon behind my desk for late-night work.

When cooler temps settle in, we often look to cook and enjoy heartier meals. Where better to stock up than the Broad Street Market?

A fresh chuck roast from Hummer’s Meats & Cheese has found its way into many a weekend pot roast. Plus, Hummer’s sausages and burgers are perfect for the grill or stove year-round.

I can’t get enough of Hummer’s Oven-Baked Ham (chipped), which goes into my Hot Ham Sandwiches, a Sunday football tradition. We always have a package of the New York White American cheese in the fridge for grilled cheeses (perfect for that Instant Pot Tomato Soup I prepped this summer).

We also load up on Hummer’s “snack packs,” and cheese dips, both of which are perfect for snacking.

Cheese Board

Speaking of cheese, be sure you make a quick about-face turn to check out the case at Revittle. Did you know they make their own cheese at their creamery in Newburg?

A block of Revittle Farmhouse can be the star of any cheeseboard. Grab a link of Salumi Finocchiona and a jar of cornichons, and you’re on your way to snack city. (Note: Revittle at the Broad Street Market is currently open on Saturdays only.)

Oysters and clams | JB Kelly Seafood | Broad Street Market

Take a hard right and visit the crew at J.B. Kelly Seafood Connection. Their fish is always the freshest around. Plus, we’re coming into oyster season, and their selection of delicious bivalves is unmatched.

Pick up some treats for your pup at Doggie Delights Bakery, and some for yourself at Conestoga Café or Fisher’s Deli and Bakery.

Next, stock up on fruits and Peach Ridge Produce and Flowers. I always like to scope the local selections nearest the checkout — and don’t sleep on the pickle bar!

Located right behind Peach Ridge is Shea Optimum Bath & Body Co. Keep your skin hydrated in the drier months with all-natural Shea Butter and other health treatment options.

As you’re winding your way back toward the front of the building, plant lovers can pick fresh flowers bouquets and houseplants and succulents of varying size (perfect for gifts!) at Floral Bouquet, which is run by Peach Ridge.

For unmatched artisan bouquets, a stop at D. McGee Design Studio is a must.

Before you move on to the Stone Building, swing over to see what’s new in the cases at Sweet 717.

Known for indulgent fudge flavors that span from traditional to creative. Don’t sleep on their Stuffed Cups, Perks chocolate-covered espresso beans, and — my favorite — housemade marshmallow Fluffs.

Of course, there’s much more to explore every week at the Broad Street Market — including jewelry, wine, grilled cheese, barbeque, organic goods, and more!

The Stone Building at the Historic Broad Street Market | Harrisburg Pa.
image provided by Ryan Hummer

The Stone Building: Broad Street Market

Cross the courtyard, perhaps visiting guest vendors set up on the plaza.

For me, I book it to the opposite end of the Stone Building to grab goodies at Raising The Bar before they sell out. At minimum, that’s often a fresh baguette. When I was pregnant, I basically lived on their Whiskey Cake (it is SO good), so that’s a must. I also like to grab cookies for the fam, or maybe a chocolate or cheesecake treat for Andy and I to enjoy later.

After stocking up on sweets, I turn to Rijuice for that healthy balance. I love all of their juices (ask to try what’s new!), but A Million Bucks is a staple. Now that we’re nearing cold and flu season, stock up on turmeric or ginger shots.

Picking the Broad Street Market for a to-go meal is the best answer to the age-old questions of “What are you in the mood for?” because they have it all.

To the left when you walk in from the plaza, you have Porter’s House Jamaican Food. Andy loves their oxtail, and it’s a full meal that can be split into lunch and dinner if desired.

Ougi’s Cocina is a go-to for a hearty lunch. The pork is unbeatable, but I just like to get the yellow rice and cabbage “vegetarian” with the beans and potatoes, and of course plantains.

Phyllo has incredible Greek food — french fry-topped gyros are a house fave, but don’t sleep on occasional specials. Platters are a great way to try multiple dishes at once.

Take a world tour — find fried fish, pho and Korean dishes, West African specialties, authentic Mexican cuisine, pierogies, cheesesteaks, and more.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab local craft beer from Zeroday Øutpost in four-packs and crowlers.

Broad Street Market is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday-Friday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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