Closet Audit with Threads of Hershey

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Madewell Denim Bar | Closet Audit | Threads of Hershey | Sara Bozich

I recently worked with Threads of Hershey on a Closet Audit.

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The Wardrobe Whisperer

Savvy local shoppers may know Kristen Campbell, “wardrobe whisperer,” who along with her partner Kristin Argento, helps clients build a usable and purposeful wardrobe.

How many times have you looked at your stuffed closet and lamented, “I have nothing to wear!” Let us not count the times and know it is a lot.

Threads of Hershey provides services from closet audits to stylists to personal shoppers, helping clients discover their personal style and best implement it into their lifestyle.

My Closet

The change of seasons — especially when we’re spending more time at home — seemed the perfect time to tackle a Closet Sudit.

I purged much of it earlier this summer, but I definitely needed some outside help to let go of things that no longer suited me or my lifestyle.

To prepare for Threads of Hershey, I snapped a few “before” photos of my closet and completed a Client Assessment so that Kristen and Kristin could plan an organization system and get to know more about my style and goals.

Our bedroom has four small closets, two that were built-in on either side of the bed by a previous owner, and two original. Andy has the two on “his” side, and I have two on mine.

The closets aren’t fancy — a standard rod and shelf above it. I removed the doors from my closets eons ago. I had wedged a bookcase into one and was storing vintage Coach bags, ironing tools, and jamming in sweatpants in the other.

Sara Bozich talks with Kristen Campbell of Threads of Hershey during her closet audit.

Closet Audit

Kristen and Kristin arrived (early!), and we got right to work. We went through every single item of clothing in my closet — including shoes. We made piles for donation, selling on Poshmark, even a “projects” pile for a sweatshirt or two that need new life as crop.

For the good stuff — the keepers — we talked about how I might wear something more than one way. Kristen explained that an item of clothing with only one role is an “expensive” piece, no matter its monetary cost. It’s hogging up valuable real estate, if you will.

This was really helpful to me. I own some pieces I knew were good — perfect-fit cheetah print denim; a chambray shirt — but I rarely wore them. Turns out those two actually work together.

Adding and Subtracting

As we went through the closet audit, Kristen and Kristin also noted what items were missing from my wardrobe. What pieces could tie together various outfits or are absent wardrobe staples?

For instance, at the top of my list is a simple black bodysuit. I’ll get so much more wear out of some of my vintage tops and denim bibs with a layering piece like that.

Kristen is also a huge proponent of white jeans, and she did her best to try to convince me half of my tops would benefit from them. I compromised on a pair of off-white cords (on sale!) and light pink slacks (another sale!). Which, looking at that top photo, my new “Denim Bar” could really use.

We kept most of my wardrobe — I’ve been working hard on honing it, and Kristen gave me loads of compliments about my shopping skills and learning what works for me.

I have a clear affinity for vintage pieces from Stash Vintage, on-trend looks from Little Black Dress, bohemian chic from Anthropologie, and modern classics from Madewell.

Next, they sent me out of the room so they could tackle the reorganization!

Kristen said it’s easier to let them “do their thing,” and I was all for it. I know some people struggle with change, but I was excited for a new vision.

An Organized Closet, An Edited Wardrobe


Kristen and Kristen took everything out of my closet and started anew. The closet with “the good light” became a place for “tops” — This includes dresses and jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and all other tops.

My sweaters and sweatshirts finally got the pretty acrylic shirt boxes they deserve. “Formal” footwear (read: not sneakers) also live here.

A “Denim Bar” is the focus-point of closet #2. This side hosts bottoms, including my sneaker collection, accessories, and re-homed our books, by color, of course.

After the closet audit, Threads of Hershey also provided me a recommended Shopping List, based on the audit. I found a few items on sale right away; some I’ll be saving and shopping for; and a few will go on holiday wish lists!

They also provided an overview of the experience, what we did and learned, including style tips.

This will help me hone in my style, remind me how to better combine my pieces, and ultimately make me a better shopper.

Threads of Hershey | Closet Audit | Sara Bozich

Threads of Hershey Closet Audit

A closet audit from Threads of Hershey is just $245!

However — The first 5 first-time clients to book with Threads of Hershey now can receive a free 20-minute virtual consultation and $40 off your own Closet Audit. That’s more than 15% off — a big discount they don’t usually offer!

To take advantage, just add “SARA” in the notes section when you book

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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