Cozy & Caffeinated: Fall’s Best Coffee isn’t the PSL

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Little Amps | Harrisburg PA | Fall Coffee Drinks

The best coffee drinks for fall are right in your neighborhood.

Even before the first leaf hits the ground, social media is abuzz with the dawning of Pumpkin Spice Latte season. People can’t wait to get their mitts on the seasonal drink that has taken on a life of its own — even when the temperature is warm enough to be lounging by the pool.

Like local fall beers, we’re happy that our local coffeeshops wait for fall to kick-in before highlighting the flavors of the season.

We’re not here to damper your fall-loving spirits (you do you), but it’s time to rethink those PSLs and opt for something local and, frankly, better tasting.

Little Amps

With both State Street and Green Street locations now open, it’s easier than ever to perk-up with Little Amps. In summer, we love the refreshing E&T (Espresso and Tonic — and don’t forget to ask for a dash of orange bitters), but come fall we’re looking for our caffeine in a cozier, warmer format.

Horn of Plenty

Little Amps’ signature fall drink uses a proprietary blend of spices from Calicutts Spice Co. in Hershey. Horn of Plenty is a cappuccino-based beverage with just a hint of fall flavors. For those who like Amps’ Dirty Chai Latte, this could be your new seasonal go-to.

Apple Cider

There’s nothing more seasonally appropriate than hot apple cider made with Pennsylvania apples. Little Amps Apple Cider warms the soul with a blend of apples from Three Springs Fruit Farm right down the road in Adams County. Plus, it’s naturally caffeine-free, so it’s perfect for the kiddos!

Elementary Coffee Co.

It’s always fun to see Elementary put their creative twists on seasonal flavors. Fall brings the emergence of two of our fave coffee drinks that we look forward to on any Broad Street Market trip.

Swamp Thing

Matcha, baby! This fall favorite combines matcha, espresso, steamed milk, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Don’t worry, no monsters were harmed in the making of this drink.

Hop Scotch

This is a Jimi favorite. Hop Scotch is a brown sugar latte topped with a bit of sea salt and freshly-ground nutmeg. It’s sweet and salty with just the perfect amount of fall flavors.

Keep an eye out for their Midtown Ginger Latte returning in November and the remainder of their winter seasonals, which drop after Thanksgiving.

Cornerstone Coffeehouse

If you’re a pumpkin spice fan, however, we suggest Cornerstone Coffeehouse. Their Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte, and Pumpkin Spice Mocha are the best coffee drinks to deliver on those classic fall pumpkin spice flavors.

Ready For Fall Latte

Appease your sweet tooth and get a pick-me-up at the same time. Cornerstone’s featured fall latte is a white chocolate mocha with caramel and sea salt topped with whipped cream.

Brown Sugar Cardamon Latte

What’s the tea? A refreshing tea with a hint of herbal spice gets a touch of sweetness from brown sugar.

Plus, don’t forget to check out Cornerstone’s sweets & treats case for local goodies like pie, cookies, and more.

Please always respect the guidelines, procedures, and staff at each location. Wear a mask. Be kind and patient.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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