Jimi’s weight loss journey Pt. 1: Getting off my ass

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I lost 90 pounds without any crazy diets.

Usually when people reach out and ask me “how I did it,” they are looking for a silver bullet solution.

But in reality, my results weren’t from going keto or paleo or Atkins or whatever the new fad is. It was a total lifestyle change comprised of easily attainable goals.

Another truth is that much of my weight loss came before I ever set foot in a gym or did burpees in my living room.

Before I share my story, I want to note: We’re all different.

My “fit” and my neighbor’s “fit” could be two completely different concepts.

While seeing my reflection wasn’t my main reason for weight loss, it was the kick in the ass I needed to get moving.

Define what a healthy goal is for you. Is it running a mile? Fitting into new/old clothes? Is it feeling like yourself again?

Where I was

I don’t know what my weight was when I finally said, “enough is enough,” but my last known weight was 260 pounds. In all honesty, that number was probably 10-15 pounds higher when I got around to making a change.

So, what prompted the change? I looked at a photo from a family beach trip and almost didn’t recognize myself.

Along with that, I was lethargic, big clothes were starting to get tight, and I had ZERO sense of body-confidence. All of these problems came from what and how I was eating.

If I stayed on that path, I realized I would completely jeopardize my long-term health.

I needed a lifestyle shift fast.

What I did

Here is where people usually expect the “I just cut out carbs!” or “I found this amazing diet!” but that’s not it.

I started small.

Portion size. I wasn’t calorie counting, but it was the education of what the hell a portion of something like potato chips was.

Hint: It’s not the whole bag.

You don’t need to count out 20 chips every time, but just be cognizant of that number, and you’re off to a great start!

I curbed late-night eating.

I never fasted, but I did set myself a reasonable cut-off from food and drink at 10 p.m. Even when I was eating before that “Cinderella Hour,” it was mainly healthy snacks or, again, portion control.

This is another change I more or less retained. But, sometimes those late-night pasta cravings need to be answered, right?

I cut back on drinking.

I became more mindful of my drinking habits. Mainly, I put a cap on how many drinks I had and when I had them.

No more crushing a crowler after a late shift on the bar or two mugs of Hop Hog at Lancaster Brewing Co.’s Burger Night.

An unintentional assist goes to Bo, too.

Sara and I also spend a lot of time together, and it didn’t hurt to make the change while she was pregnant and also not drinking.

I wasn’t too hard on myself

This is one aspect I always try to stress to anyone that comes to me regarding weight loss progress. Do not be too hard on yourself.

It’s okay if you “fall off” your regiment, as long as you get back up.

I never felt deprived or starved of food. If I wanted “junk food,” I got it. I just stuck to my core changes of portion size and late-night eating.

Little changes mattered.

How it’s going

As with my weight loss journey, this post will be in two parts. While I am an “at-home gym rat” now, that was FAR from the case even a year ago.

During the pandemic, working out meant much more than getting a sweat on. It helped me maintain my new found lifestyle while also building muscle for the first time in a while.

Read Part 2 for how I maintained my weight and started working out!

If you have ANY questions for me, please feel free to reach out! I will never claim to be anything close to an expert but I’d love to chat.

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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