12 podcasts to listen over your lunch break

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Podcast Recommendations | Jimi Werner | Sara Bozich

Looking for a new podcast recommendation?

I’m not sure about you, but my already gratuitous amount of podcast listening has really ticked up over the last few months.

I am such a creature of habit that I have a daily and weekly schedule for my podcasts. I take my coffee with a side of politics, lunch is powered by PB&Js and NYT’s The Daily, and dinner is cooked with a sports-focused listen.

Since it seems like we’ll be indoors and looking for more alternative ways of entertainment this fall/winter, I thought I’d pick out a few podcasts to pass on to you.

Podcast recommendations to keep you occupied

P.S. I am sparing you all the political podcasts. If you want what I’m digging, slideeee into those DMs.

The one that plays like a binge-worthy TV drama

Winds of Change

This podcast has a “Holy !@#%, and I had no idea this was a thing” vibe. Patrick Raden Keefe digs into the possibility that the CIA wrote the song Winds of Change by Scorpions in an attempt to take to the Soviet Union from within. It’s history meets spy thriller, and it’s hard to stop once you get going.

The one that makes you laugh

Spitballers Podcast

Monday mornings are better with The Spitballers. They put their hilarious spin on everyday problems, play “would you rather,” and have a generally good time. Plus, each episode ends with a draft where they pick from a set topic like best cereal, worst candy, or even a Battle Royale of Disney characters.

The one that puts you in another’s shoes

You’re Wrong About

Remember that time creepy clowns just popped up out of nowhere? What were they, and why were they a thing? The show’s two hosts, both journalists, take a look at past events and people who might have been miscast in a new light. Okay, but like, creepy clowns are still bad, right?

The one that’s political but not

That’s The Ticket

Picking a VP isn’t just about liking the person or that their name looks good on a sign. Alyssa Mastromonaco and Dan Pfeiffer take you through the whole process of picking a VP with incredible stories and insight. It’s only three episodes, so it’s easy to blow through.

The ones that makes you check the lock twice

It wouldn’t be a podcast recommendations list with a space for the true crime genre. I keep up with the usual suspects in My Favorite Murder. If you don’t listen to this, make a point to pop it on soon.

A new favorite has been And That’s Why We Drink. It’s all about the intersection of true crime and the paranormal. As they say, “life is scary, and this is why we drink!”

Others include Morbid, any Scene of the Crime seasons, Counterclock, and Man in the Window. For real, just go to the True Crime genre on your chosen app, and there is sure to be something for you.

The one that keeps you updated

Up First

Turning this podcast on is one of, if not the first things, I do every morning. It’s a quick 15 minutes to get you up to date on all the news for the day from politics to pop culture.

The one about sports that isn’t all about sports

Hall of Shame

I think I have profiled this one before, but it’s worth repeating. Rachel and Rachna bring their personality to some of the wildest sports stories ever. Ever hear about the woman who cheated her way to a historic NY Marathon win? Or get the full story about when Ron Artest lost his mind during a game?

What are your podcast recommendations?

Sara Bozich
Author: Sara Bozich

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